Let's prioritize peace in the country and nothing more.

 Let's prioritize peace in the country and nothing more. It's about we have put in our best in making sure peace reigns in all aspects of our lives. The country Ghana is most often recognized by international communities due to its sustainability of peace. That is a country that always ensures peace at all costs. As if that is all but also known due to how stable and investment-friendly the country is. Because of this, the country and precisely the leaders are proud to boost themselves with the country which eventually attracts investors into the country for the economy to be also strong.

Again, our leaders also boost themselves with the peacefulness of the country to paint the country's good image as well. Off late there are some occurrences that seem to pose a danger to the peace, security, and stability of the country. These happenings have been described to have threatened the peace in the country and typical example include the use of unjustified expressions in the public domain by politicians, and roses of conflict due to chieftaincy among others which are erasing the peace of the country.

We however underestimate such threats or actions from multiple individuals to the peace we are experiencing in the country and yet cover up with unnecessary arguments that there is no way the country could engage in any form of violent activities all because Ghana is known to be a peacing oriented country. And such thoughts need to be considered critically. According to the research organized by the Global Peace Index, Ghana, a country which has been ranked the most peaceful country in West Africa has this time around lost to Sierra Leone because certain things we overlooked meanwhiles poses threats to our peace.

We hope that if the necessary agencies encounge each and every one to deal with each other in a transparent and truth manner, all the hidden challenges confronting the peace of the country could be overcome. This should perhaps be confidential and trustworthy. We can however build a solid peaceful country by supporting the National Peace Council and the National Commission of Civic Education to extend the needed information to all through their educative services. 

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