Black Volta is being destroyed as a result of illegal mining activities; Let's save Black Volta now.

Black Volta is being destroyed as a result of illegal mining activities; Let's save Black Volta now. The current government in power promised to make sure that illegal mining better known as galamsey has been entirely stopped during the time he was campaigning for the presidency. With all the efforts and measure in place in fighting this illegal mining, it seems there is little to no results coming out since peoples are still actively engaging in these activities despite the government's attempts to fight it. It is however sad since it appears the illegal mining activities increasing almost all the time. 

It is very disappointing to see that these illegal mining activities are growing despite all the laid interventions promising to put a stop to it. All the attempts to cast away these bad practices seem to have little or no impact with respect the stopping illegal mining activities in the country. What is more heartbreaking here is the news circulating all over which suggests there are massive illegal mining activities ongoing along the Black Volta River. This river is the one that takes its source from Burkina Faso and travels through to Ghana. It has been reported that some illegal mining operators have found their way to the bank to extract certain minerals. Records also have it that several river bodies in Ghana have been affected by these same illegal mining activities which eventually impeded our agricultural activities notwithstanding the destruction of some crucial assets of the country.

 These affected national infrastructures include the Akosombo Dam and the Bui Power Generation Dam. Through these illegal mining activities, it has also been reported that the quality of our ecosystem has been drastically destroyed through the release of some toxic substances into the environment. The releasing of these toxic chemicals into the environment has caused great damage to our rivers in the country and the most painful side is that the rate at which this environment has been destroyed is beyond reparable. The truth of the matter is that all stakeholders and the entire population need to support an illegal mining-free environment. And there should be enforcement of laws to also put these illegal mining operators into order. Let all join this whether you're a civil servant, politician, pastor, traditional ruler, etc. What is important here is we all coming together to fight illegal mining.

We all can testify that the implications of this illegal mining are more dangerous and therefore must the responsibility together to get rid of it. Considering the trends of all the precious governments and their efforts to combat illegal mining, it is clearly notable that putting a stop to illegal mining activities would really take time. It is not something that is going to happen overnight. The approach in dealing with the stoppage of illegal mining needs to be well formulated, structured, systematic, and time. Patriotic citizens need to sit up and take it upon themselves and understand we coming together to combat illegal mining is our core responsibility but nothing more. This is the only way we can save our beloved country from some wicked group who wants to destroy our country through these illegal mining activities purposely for their personal and selfish gain We must understand that everybody is being counter up. 

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