Lithium is a blessing to Ghana; the lithium policy ought to bring us the breakthrough.

Despite its abundance of natural resources, Africa has become the poorest peninsula in the world as a result of the long-running debate about how it manages its resources. Due in part to corruption, incompetence, social unrest, and short-sightedness, which causes countries to settle for less, African countries have typically been blamed for performing poorly in negotiations with companies in the extractive sector. Illegal financial flows from the industrial industry typically make these problems worse.

Given that Ghana is a resource-rich nation, many Ghanaians and civil society organizations in the nation can relate to these discussions. The nation does, in fact, possess a wealth of natural resources, including valuable minerals, forests, and arable land. However, because these resources are largely bounded, they must be nurtured and safeguarded for the benefit of all people, especially the next generation. 

Ore, oil, gold, diamonds, and, timber are just a few of Ghana's abundant natural resources. By providing jobs for our citizens and funding other projects with tax, the mining sector has made a significant contribution to the growth of the country's economy. Lithium and other natural minerals have been found in industrial quantities, despite the unappealing experience of the country receiving less benefit from more than a century of gold mining. 

Fortunately, the Cabinet has approved a new plan for managing, controlling, and using lithium and other natural minerals in the country. Metals and other mineral resources needed to support the transition to clean energy technologies intended to reduce carbon emissions are referred to as "minerals of the future" or "green minerals." Some of the nutrients that fall under the category of "green minerals" include bauxite, cobalt, copper, lithium, granite, chromium, and nickel.

Samuel Abu Jinapor, the secretary of land and natural resources, reported to Brytgh on July 27 that the Cabinet had approved the policy following thorough research. The new Green Minerals Policy changes the mining and nutrient policies of 2014 to contain robust and intensifying regimes in order to maximize the advantages of lithium and other natural minerals. It became clear that the misuse of natural resources was irrefutable. Nevertheless, it must be done ethically and responsibly.

 Therefore, it is crucial that the government takes all necessary measures to make sure that Ghana's citizens benefit as much from the use and abuse of these natural minerals as possible, not just from an environmentally friendly standpoint. The resolve of this government may remain unwavering.

Despite the fact that much has been said, done, and accomplished, The Daily Graphic believes it is time to commit to a national action plan to ensure that only the proper things are done in the normal resource field and that any negative lots are swiftly punished. All citizens had approach natural resource management more comprehensively, in our opinion, if we are to ensure a more sustainable future.

In order to achieve this, it will be necessary to strike a balance between social happiness, environmental protection, and economic expansion. According to The Daily Graphic, the new policy's overarching objective must be based on the idea that Ghanaians, who are the real owners of the resource, should gain from the exploitation of natural minerals. The foundations for the exploitation of natural minerals may differ from those for gold specifically.

By carefully utilizing the natural resource endowments for our long-term collective good, the nation must work to promote a healthier environment. In order to improve the environment and communities in the future, the paper urges everyone to commit to taking action and taking lessons from the past. To ensure a sustainable future for all Ghanaians, both living and unborn, this can be accomplished by showing compassion and cooperating.

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