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Khemikhals (Chemicals) Or Mr.Q is Ghanaian Blogger also Sound Engineering & Musician. I know people find difficult to search my name but don't worry. note how I spell it then put it in your mind because I know that one day one day you will need my help and am ready to help you as well. Please note better if you're search for me don't type the correct Chemicals but type this Khemikhals so that you will get me but not different person and if you meet Khemikhals Beatz, Khemikhals (Chemicals) or Mr.Q is me.. I put original the Chemicals spellings into bracket so that if some one search that chemicals on google or other browsers my Khemikhals will appear.. Thank you

Contact me on 0543933926 for beat making, music promotion, vocals mixing, jingle making, full product of the a song and etc..

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Khemikhals (Chemicals) ft Mr. Loyalty & T-Boy GH - Love Me (Prod By KhemikhalsBeatz)

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