Let's do all we can, and find any tiny means to combat the fast-growing Hepatitis as soon as possible.

  At any point of time in life different issues or things pop up and on today's news break our concern is on the fastest spread of one dangerous disease better known as Hepatitis. We hereby enlighten readers on Hepatitis as we're about to throw more light on it following the memorization of World Hepatitis Day. Hepatitis has been classified as one of the most dreadful diseases to mankind which could be acquired through diverse means. It is very dreadful and sad that it all attacks the vital human organs. 

When there is inflammation in the liver, then we can say one is having Hepatitis. One is bound to acquire Hepatitis through many modes but above all, the most common in most cases are viral infections. This viral infection has been categorized into five and also named after the first five alphabets. In light of this, we have Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D, and Hepatitis E. All these types aren't caused by one virus but different ones instead and they are associated with different characteristics. 

Now, how one can get into contact with these five classified Hepatitis are almost similar; one can get it through the blood, or fluid of an infected person. This dreadful Hepatitis does live in other bodily fluids and blood and quickly spreads after getting in contact with someone who is infected and also not under treatment. Medical experts suggest some Hepatitis can be transmitted through using needles with an infected person, engaging in unprotected sex with an infected person, or even infected mother can pass it on to a child during childbirth. 

There are a wide range of signs that will notify you about being infected with Hepatitis. The symptoms of this viral Hepatitis are not static but rather vary in many ways. These signs also depend on the type and the time of infection. The signs may include tiredness when even doing nothing, vomiting, and eye changes into yellowing. According to Expect, getting Hepatitis is not like you are about to die but what is important here is to detect it early so that it doesn't graduate to a more severe stage so that it doesn't build to chronic Hepatitis.

Now, our greatest fear is how we can track and get those who have been affected and the impact of Hepatitis on the Nation of Ghana. Even though the growing rate of this Hepatitis is low there is a need to create awareness and offer treatment to those who have been infected. A test was conducted and the result was that, out of 100 persons screened, 4 of them were infected. Due to poor hesitancy, Ghana is not able to diagnose and treat those who have been infected and therefore in their early stage of infection.

This led to the late discovery that those who have been infected and also have chronic Hepatitis of most of them die. We can all fight this together by checking our vitals from time to time to ensure early detection of Hepatitis so that the needed treatment can be given to the victims. Let's all support Ghana to combat it.

We've to join hands to make our outermost effort to protect the fishing industry in the country. 

Ghana is now in the position of importing around 3 hundred million seafood and other related products into the country every year. But the point everyone is trying to understand is how can a country like Ghana be importing such huge worth of products while nature has blessed us with wide kilometers of sea, unlike other states which don't have.

Putting aside the sea we have, Ghana is also blessed with so many rivers including River Volta which is also capable of serving the country with a wide range of river foods. Talking about River Volta is one of the largest rivers that finds its way through almost six West African countries. Other rivers in the country also bring up diverse vocations to those inhabitants around. Some towns located around these rivers embark on their agricultural activities as they depend on these rivers.

What amuses me most is that the fisheries sector of the economy of Ghana is massively struggling to survive. With all these opportunities, the industry can't find its own way to make things more realistic, and if proper care is not taken, the entire fishing industry of economy will be doomed. The capable stakeholders are in the importation business thereby rendering high dependence on seafood and products from other countries since the indigenous supply of seafood and other related products is limited.

State Fishing Corporation and other organizations were once the pride of the country some days ago due to their massive plans and interventions; large cold stores and other materials helped to acquire the seafood in large quantities. This enabled the country to supply in abundance the necessary seafood and products all year round. And because of this, the fishing industry sector was also growing impressively. All other vocations related to fishery were doing well too. 

Now, the once vibrant State Fishing Corporation especially the one at Mankoadze is no more which is gradually sinking the whole sector into deep hell. The fishermen are trying all that they can even with the intervention of the close season by the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture.  As we call on the government for a modernized means to help sustain the industry, it should be more strategic and well-informed policies to combat any other activities against the development of the fishing industry.

It is now becoming more obvious that Ghanaians are selling their fisheries industry to foreigners and for that matter those in charge of these respective fields are foreigners. This is so bad as we directly see the same in the agricultural sector; we engage ourselves in bad farming systems, poor types of equipment and tools, and many outmoded methods of farming and that is exactly what we are doing with regard to fishing. No usage of modern equipment, the use of the traditional canoe that's all.

Because of this, we had to handle such an important sector in foreigners we think they have experts in that leading to our fall into a huge pit. In view of this, we have to train and re-train our own people with the requisite skills and knowledge to occupy such vital places. The local fishermen however need to be trained to get themselves abreast with the modern technology in fishing.

It's time we get to engage ourselves in scientific fishing so that we can make proper utilization of our waterbodies and the fish nature has gifted to us. We are capable of exploiting more seafood and products and even exporting some. Our recommendation is about the government adopting more interventions to ensure the country feeds itself.

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