Female entrepreneurs on the go are familiar with GEPA

Female entrepreneurs on the go are familiar with GEPA

 50 members of the group of Female entrepreneurs on the go gathered at the Ghana Export Promotion Agency (GEPA) Impact Hub in Accra last Friday to improve various businesses. We talked about how to do it. Some women, some abroad, participated through Zoom. This group was founded by Dr., the Managing Director of GEPA. Afua Asabea Asare was founded with the purpose of bringing together female entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, support each other and inform them about some of the facilities that GEPA and other organizations offer to develop themselves. rice field. At a conference entitled 

 "Women: Positioning Us for the Benefits of AfCFTA," Prudential Bank and Horror Insurance officials shared information on some of the products women can use. African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a project of the African Union Agenda 2063, Africa's unique development vision. It aims to promote intra-African trade by providing comprehensive and mutually beneficial trade agreements between Member States that cover trade in goods, services, investment, intellectual property rights, and competition policy. I am aiming for it. 

 In her speech, Doctor. Asare has decided to hold a meeting at the center to showcase the many facilities that entrepreneurs can benefit from for free. These included a conference area, a library, equipment for holding online conferences, and an area displaying samples of various Ghanaian products and packages.  The hub also had a desk where staff from the Food and Drug Administration, the Ghana Standards Authority,  and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture's Crop Protection and Regulatory Services were ready to assist entrepreneurs. 

 "If you need to meet someone in town for business and you don't have an office,  come and use this space. I could even be your personal assistant for a day. " Asaleon. She assisted in attending national and international trade fairs and urged women to enroll in GEPA  to attend many seminars on various topics. She said the support included transporting products to the exhibition hall, helping to obtain visas, and providing exhibitors with free parking space. She explained to entrepreneurs that instead of working in isolation and being unable to meet their needs and money, some of them can unite to meet their needs. 

 For example,  if there is a demand for a large number of products that one entrepreneur cannot supply, some of them can pool resources to meet that demand. Frederick Admaco Ansa, Head of Commercial Banking at Prudential Bank,  introduced some of the bank's products that could help improve women's business. Yvonne Narki Dowuona, Director of Retail at 

 Hollard Insurance discusses the need for women to patronize insurance products and protects them from losing everything they've been working hard to build as a result of an accident. I gave an overview. Government Approves 44 Million GHz Compensation for Bird Flu-Affected Farmers 

 The government has approved a 44 million Gigahertz compensation package for poultry farmers affected by the recent outbreak of bird flu. Minister of Food and Agriculture, Ph.D. Afrije Akoto, who made a parliamentary announcement last Thursday, said the compensation payment process would be very transparent to ensure justice for all affected poultry farmers. 

 Dr. Akoto is taking steps to prevent the recent outbreak of bird flu and its recurrence. To prevent frequent recurrences of bird flu and other animal diseases. Akoto, the government has finalized the Animal Health Import Act for parliamentary review and approval. Passing the bill would ensure effective regulation of the country's poultry and livestock farming, he said. 

 He explained that the ministry, through the Veterinary Services Department (VSD), is empowered to enforce standards on all animals imported into the country. Minister said the introduction of the new framework would ensure that all animal farms would be certified and sanctions would be imposed on the wrong farms. He said these measures would be of great help in improving livestock. So far, a  total of 10  of the 16 regions have been affected and a total of 701,955 have been registered in  10 regions. Revised 

Dr. Mr. Akoto said the ministry's action plan was also approved by the Cabinet to address VSD's institutional weaknesses for nationwide deployment. In light of this, he said the government has approved the recruitment of 1,100 veterinary specialists to work nationwide as part of efforts to prevent the recurrence of bird flu in the country. Dr. Akoto said the government has given financial permission for the initial employment of 550 veterinary professionals, with the remaining 550 being hired within two years to strengthen the human capacity of the VSD. 

He also visits farms to ensure effective monitoring and early detection of vehicles, motorcycles, and bird flu, rapid response and management of illness, and biosecurity, depopulation, and disinfection by the government. Improve and eliminate the high risk of infection. Prior to this, he said, a national comprehensive awareness-raising program would be implemented by the end of the first week of April 2022.  January 2

Ghana Cares program to stimulate development -Africa Economical Expectation file

Functioning Principal Financial expert of AfDB, Prof Kevin Urama (left), as well as Bad habit Head of state for Energy, Electricity, Temperature as well as Fresh Development at AfDB, Prof Kevin Kariuki, reveal the 2022 African Economical Expectation. Ghana's economical expectation for the year stays good despite the difficulties encountered by the nation. The country's forecasted Gross Residential Item (GDP) development at 5.3 percent for the year as well as 5.1 percent in 2023, which is actually more than Africa's typical of 4.1 percent.

The development is actually anticipated to become stimulated due to the Ghana COVID-19 Alleviation as well as the Revitalisation of Business Assist (GhanaCares) Program. This actually consisted of the Africa Economical Expectation (AEO) file launched in Accra at the shut of the African Progression Banking company (AfDB) conferences recently.

Despite the good estimate which is actually additionally much like the previous ones created due to the Global Financial Cash (IMF) as well as the World Banking company in the course of the Springtime Conferences, the file took note that possible inflationary stress existed because of enhanced electricity as well as food items rates related to the influence of the Russia-Ukraine problem. Inflation is actually forecasted to rise to 15 percent in 2022 prior to being up to 9.1 percent in 2023.

"The Banking company of Ghana is actually anticipated to use a limited financial plan viewpoint," the file anticipated. The economic shortage is actually additionally forecasted to slender an additional 12.8 percent of GDP in 2022 as well as to 10.3 percent in 2023, stimulated through revenue-enhancing reforms. The existing profile shortage is actually additionally forecasted to slender to 1.6 percent of GDP in 2022 as well as 3.3 percent in 2023, on enhanced exports.

At the continental degree, the file pointed out that Africa's climbing people's financial personal debt postures a significant hazard to the economical healing initiatives of the continent. The file has actually, as a result, required a reinstatement as well as reconfiguration of the Financial personal debt Solution Suspension Campaign (DSSI). It is actually additionally asking for the to increase administration reforms as well as reinforce people's monetary monitoring to take care of the architectural difficulties of the continent's climbing people financial personal debt.

The 2022 AEO file which was actually released at the merely finished AfDB Yearly Conferences in Accra, happens versus a background of 2 significant worldwide dilemmas: the remaining COVID-19 pandemic as well as the Russia-Ukraine problem. Offering highlights of the file, the Functioning Principal Financial expert of the AfDB, Teacher Kevin Urama, pointed out that the higher people's financial personal debt was actually additionally keeping back leads to engender higher as well as lasting economical development.

He pointed out that residential plan action to the increasing people's financial personal debt continued to be constricted through the confined economic room, surrounded by increasing social industry costs stress. "It is actually as a result vital that the worldwide area reassess terminating the DSSI structure, which was actually developed to deliver momentary comfort to nations encountering increasing financial personal debt overhang. "A reconfigured DSSI, as well as Usual Structure, will definitely restrict the effect on Africa's people's financial personal debt coming from the devaluation in residential amounts of money because of the worldwide unpredictability fed due to the Russia-Ukraine problem as well as spill-over results of the limited financial plan viewpoint being actually applied in evolved economic situations," he mentioned,

He pointed out that African nations have to increase administration reforms as well as strengthen people's monetary monitoring if they want to emphatically deal with their frequent financial personal debt susceptibilities. These activities, he pointed out needed to structure tough financial establishments to effectively mobilize residential information, carry out noise people expense, as well as execute strenuous financial personal debt monitoring as well as budgeting.

"Enhancing the nexus amongst financial personal debt, development, as well as the administration will definitely assist maximize development rewards of debt-financed people's financial assets. "Ultimately, nations have to strengthen their financial personal debt openness through updating their financial personal debt data total, specifically on state-owned enterprises' financial personal debt," he took note.
 The Head of state of the AfDB, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, for his section, pointed out global initiatives, consisting of those of the AfDB Team, the G20 Usual Structure for Financial personal debt Procedure, as well as the US$650 billion in Unique Attracting Civil liberties released due to the Global Financial Cash were actually sustaining the continent's healing.

He pointed out the healing will, nevertheless, be actually expensive, considering that the continent will require at the very least US$432 billion to deal with the results of COVID-19 on its own economic situations as well as on the lifestyles of its own individuals. Prof Umara pointed out this was actually information the continent presently didn't have actually.

He warned that the continent risked gliding into ‘stagflation' which is actually a blend of slow-moving development as well as higher inflation. "Genuine GDP is actually forecasted to develop through 4.1 percent in 2022, considerably less than the around 7 percent in 2021. "The slowdown in development highlights the extent of the influence of the Russia-Ukraine problem on Africa's economic condition. This development will definitely be actually steered mostly through the exclusive intake as well as expenditure on the requirement edge as well as through carried on growth in the companies industry on the source edge," he mentioned.

Volta NDC advises govt to alleviate present financial challenges

The Volta Local division of the Nationwide Autonomous Our lawmakers (NDC) has actually contacted the federal authorities to start solutions to ameliorate the financial difficulty dealing with Ghanaians.
It stated the present financial difficulty can be credited to the malpractice of the economic condition due to the federal authorities. In a declaration released and also authorized due to the Volta Local Interactions Policeman of the NDC, Mr. Sorkpa K. Agbleze, in Ho, the celebration shared the problem approximately the large spread out the higher price of residing in the area due to constant raises in the costs of commodities in markets within the area.

Just before and also right now

The claim described Head of state Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo's claim on Nov 25, 2013, through which he stated that "the scenario in Ghana today is among endemic nepotism, worsening financial difficulty for the masses and also the absence of projects for the young people." That, the celebration stated, was actually ironical and also monitored that factors were actually doubly even much worse under the present management. "Our experts intend to place on file that the scenario after that, under past Head of state John Mahama, was actually much a lot better compared to exactly just what our experts are actually experiencing under Head of state Akufo-Addo when one contrasts the costs of products in 2016 to dominating costs in 2022", the claim stated.

Instances of various other nations

"The NDC in the Volta Area refuses to recognize the justification that nations around the world are actually dealing with rate treks", it stated. Inning accordance with the celebration, unlike Ghana which possessed tape-taped dual figure inflation of 23.6 percent because of inadequate control of the economic condition and also careless cost, nations including Kenya, Tanzania, Togo, Seychelles, Southern Africa, Uganda, Mozambique, Namibia, Benin, Botswana, to name a few on the African continent have actually tape-taped singular figure inflation, and also contacted federal authorities to discover means to simplicity the stress the economic condition positions on the country.

I'll rest the ‘8' - Asabee declares at the project release

A Nationwide Chairman hopeful of the Brand-brand new Patriotic Event (NPP), Stephen Asamoah Boateng, has actually defined themself as the "area commander" that the event needs to maintain electrical power happened 2024. Mr. Asamoah Boateng, commonly named "Asabee", mentioned the critical attributes of the 2024 political vote-casting demanded an individual along with grassroots mobilization prowess "to break the 8."

"The fight in 2024 is actually certainly not child's play; it is actually difficult. Our experts have actually the Nationwide Autonomous Our lawmakers (NDC) as a sturdy contender; as well as if you have actually such a challenger, you get all of them on coming from elbow chair technique at our risk. "Our experts don't require a tie-wearing chairman but an area commander; which I provide you," he mentioned.

The previous Director-General of the Condition Rate of passion as well as Control Authorization (SIGA) mentioned this at the release of his project in Accra last night. The center followers of the Asabee chairmanship quote at the celebration were actually some constituency execs coming from Mfantseman West as well as Peninsula Coastline Southern. They sang his compliment as well as shouted slogans that presented the chairman hopeful as a unifier, experienced political leader as well as an indefatigable forerunner.

Amidst shouts of "Kukurudu! damaging the 8 along with Asabee," the previous Info Preacher proclaimed that he was actually going all of the bent on gaining the nationwide champion of the NPP as well as topping the event to electoral success happened 2024. He released the project record, highlighting exactly just what he called a seven-point dream "to create a strong event. The 7 factors consisted of unifying the event, enhancing event frameworks, property the financial resources of the event whatsoever amounts, making sure that 40 percent of consultations most likely to the grassroots, property well-being unit for the event as well as making sure ladies as well as young people permission.

Discussing event unity, the previous Mfantseman West Participant of Parliament (MP) defined themself as "the magnet whose humbleness, forthrightness, daring, higher electricity as well as an organizational capability" will draw in individuals of numerous histories to work with the event. Mr. Asamoah Boateng mentioned he will be placed in bodies to reinforce the connection between participants of the event as well as the federal authorities through rolling exactly just what he called plan 60:40, a program that will guarantee that 40 percent of political consultations are most likely to the grassroots.

"Asabee means to strongly seek the plan 60:40 where the event negotiates 40 percent of political consultations to visit the rate as well as submit along with the 60 percent heading to the Head of the state as well as his center group," he mentioned.

Once more, he mentioned all the divisions, as well as the wings of the event, will be actually well-resourced to guarantee useful workplaces throughout the nation. On the problem of well-being, Mr. Asamoah Boateng mentioned he will top the means to create a durable well-being unit to assist event participants to fulfill their demands. He mentioned at the center of his dream was actually the commitment to champ ladies' permission as well as young people's advancement.

"This is crucial to me, as well as I will certainly attend the encouraging of ladies as well as the young people to become entrepreneurial, understanding as well as expanding to leave behind a strong heritage for potential productions," he mentioned.

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