Let's have corrupt-free officials by reporting them - Chief Justice Advised

 The newly appointed Chief Justice Madam Gertrude had interactions with the good people of Akwatia in which she declared her concerns about the court officials who collect money to judge in favor of the various individuals who get issues in court. Mad. Gertrude however advised the entire populace to be much more careful about the need not to engage themselves with any sort of bribes with the court officials in turns of favorable decisions.

In her argument, she made mentioned that the court officials often do not ask for this money but it's only a means for some unprofessional court staff to enrich themselves which is highly unrecommended. Chief Justice Madam Gertrude insisted that the public needs to report any court service staff who by any means demands money from the judicial service. We must all support eliminating this act in the court system, she stated. 

During the event at Akwatia, Mad. Gertrude made an appeal to the court system in the district to offer their necessary support in fighting this together. This is a new initiative by Mad. Gertrude however made to interact directly with the various communities to enlighten them on the responsibilities of the judiciary and how the law works. This initiative is to take away all the negative perceptions of the judiciary and understand that the judiciary is the third arm of government. 

Justice Torkornoo declared that the only role needed to be played by the citizens is to be patriotic enough to report all forms of bribes in the court as the court officials may attempt to request money. With this in place, the Judicial Service would be able to combat these awful and unprofessional activities of some court officials who also find little opportunity to swim in a pool of corruption.

Justice Gertrude Torkornoo stated and I quote 'Any court registrar, interpreter, clerk, recorder or anyone else among the staff who requests for money to be disbursed to judges is a thief. The real fact of the matter is that it is rare to see judges taking money in most cases and those who even collect the money in the names of these judges use it themselves without the awareness of the judges. 

Such activities need urgent attention and for that reason, citizens need to report such persons to the police service or even the Judicial Service. Thereafter, matters would be thoroughly investigated to get to the bottom of it and sanction appropriately those who become committed to it. This corruption activity is a bad practice which ultimately ruins all of the reputation of the Judiciary and the good news is that the Judiciary is ever prepared to deal with these activities,' she declared. 

Public concerns about the activities of the judiciary also triggered some intervention from the government. Mad. Gertrude also stated that it becomes unethical and deviation from the standards for the court officials to demand money before undertaking their sole responsibilities to improve the quality service of the judiciary to the general public. 

When those people are caught or brought before the judiciary service, there is no hesitation in getting them sacked whilst they would also be made to face the law. Madam Torkornoo also stated that there is countless opportunity for anyone to log a complaint against any staff of the service if deemed necessary. 

Paul Adom-Otchere, the seat of the Ghana Airport Company, disputes claims that MD was the target of a plot.

Paul Adom-Otchere, the chairman of the board of Ghana Airport Company Limited, has denied accusations that he was involved in a fictitious plan to remove Pamela Djamson-Tettey as the company's managing director. Mr. Adom-Otchere has vehemently denied having any such intentions, despite claims made by the Airport Workers Union that he played a part in the prospective removal.

Due to Ms. Djamson-Tettey's refusal to support him on particular operational decisions within the company, the Union accused Mr. Adom-Otchere of orchestrating her removal, which sparked the controversy. The Public Service Workers Union's Divisional Chairman at the Ghana Airport Company Limited, Mr. Abdul-Issaka Bamba, expressed the Union by saying, "Our information is that the Board Chair [Paul Adom-Otchere] is championing the course of removal of the MD, and this is causing a lot of agitations in the industry." According to Bamba, there has been a lot of unrest among the employees due to the ongoing situation, and they have been constantly asking for information and voicing their concerns.

In light of this, Mr. Bamba emphasized the significance of fostering leadership harmony in order to promote business growth and guarantee operating stability. In reply, Mr. Adom-Otchere said he didn't know anything about the specifics of the alleged plot. He claimed that the Union's connection did not provide specific examples of the purported scheme in an interview with Joy News. Mr. Adom-Otchere stated that he intended to meet with the Union in order to learn more about the situation because it is now unclear to him.

The Tanoboase Sacred Grove is taken over by the Ghanaian Tourism Authority for renovation.

The Tanoboase Sacred Grove will be taken over for redevelopment, according to the Ghana Tourism Authority( GTA). This represents a turning point in the region's continued efforts to increase visitor interest and tourism development. The Ghana Tourism Authority's CEO, Mr. Akwasi Agyeman, thanked the Tanoboase chiefs and residents for their cooperation during a short ceremony held there. He also emphasized the significance of protecting cultural heritage sites like Sacred Grove while promoting modernization and sustainable tourism methods.

He emphasized how important these programs are for boosting the country's tourism industry and giving local communities financial options. Mr. Agyeman expressed his sincere gratitude to the District Chief Executive, the local Member of Parliament, and all other participants for their unwavering support throughout the celebration. and cooperation that will bring the job to fruition.

The Tanoboase Sacred Grove will likely experience new life as a result of the renovation, making it more interesting and reachable for both domestic and foreign visitors. The GTA hopes that this job will boost tourism, boost economic growth, and give the neighborhood a chance to display its distinctive customs and crafts. To ensure that the project complies with the GTA's goal of showcasing Ghana as a top travel destination, rich in cultural heritage, and natural beauty, the Authority may keep working closely with pertinent partners.

The Upper East Region's Pikworo slave camp and the Salaga Slave Market were given to contractors by the Authority earlier this week for development as part of the slave routes project.

A program to eradicate malaria begins in Ghana.

Malaria, a leading cause of death, has now been eradicated in the nation as part of an extreme step. The decision, according to the Ghana Health Service( GHS), which made the announcement yesterday, was a result of significant advancements in epidemic control and lessons learned over time. Malaria mortality decreased by 95% between 2012 and 2022, a decrease from 2, 799 deaths in 2012 to 151 in 2030, while malaria prevalence decreased from 27.5% in 2011 to 8.6% in 2020.

Dr. Keziah Malm, the director of the National Malaria Elimination Programme, stated yesterday at a press conference in Accra that elimination would be achieved by enhancing the interventions that have contributed to the control of malaria over time and introducing some new ones. The new ones include scaling up malaria immunization, post-discharge malaria chemoprevention, and mass drug administration.

Dr. Malm even mentioned the traditional interventions, which included pilot-scale vaccination, the distribution of long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets, interpersonal behavior change campaigns, and vector surveillance. Study and indoor residual spraying are the other two. The director of the Malaria Elimination Programme said, "I know some people say elimination isn't possible, but we believe it's possible gradually."

The zero malaria targets, according to Dr. Malm, were doable because many things had been accomplished, but more work was still required because malaria remained a national danger that had an effect on social and economic growth. She claimed that while malaria continued to be a major cause of death for people, forecasts of the effects of federal interventions indicated that the nation could easily eradicate it.

Dr. Malm claimed that over time, the nation's ability to eradicate malaria was supported by the fact that it had been able to significantly lower mortality rates and occurrence thanks to its long-defunct Malaria Control Program. Using the 2022 figures as a baseline, the current elimination target aims to reduce cases by 50% and mortality by 100% by 2028. Over the past five years, the number of malaria deaths has also decreased significantly, from 1.42 to 0.45 per 100,000 situations.

According to Dr. Malm, the new malaria elimination strategy was created to strengthen passive and active surveillance and monitoring evaluation systems, guarantee that 100% of all confirmed cases were treated appropriately, effectively, and completely within 72 hours, as well as guarantee a 100% detection rate by 2028.

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