Why there is so much fake olive oil in the market - Citizens need to be much more conscious.

 Why there is so much fake olive oil in the market - Citizens need to be much more conscious. The Food and Drug Authority in Ghana may not be aware of this counterfeit olive oil product moving all over the market and we may wish to draw serious attention to this issue as urgent as possible. While a guy went to the market to purchase an olive oil on the street of Accra, he came across an unusual brand of this olive oil which clearly signified it was fake. What brought about this suspicion was about two bottles of olive oil of which one was quite bigger than the other one yet all were captioned 70ml. 

This is indeed a clear indication of people selling fake olive oil to innocent citizens. Olive oil is extracted from the natural plant known as olive fruit which obviously contains monounsaturated fatty acid. This fatty acid in the olive fruit does a lot of marvelous work and this is not limited to reducing cholesterol levels and anti-inflammatory effects. The most common usage of olive oil is cooking with it. Many people also consider olive oil as a medicine that helps in the treatment of poor circulation of blood, heart diseases, and diabetes. 

In the spiritual realm, olive oil is used in giving so many directions. It however depicts the presence of the divine spirit. Because of the multiple uses of olive oil, it's clear that people get fake ones in the market to get themselves flooded with money. And this fake olive oil on the market could contain harmful substances which could be dangerous to one's health. In this case, the FDA has to be more concerned and act urgently. 

The Parliament of Ghana just approved a new loan to support the agricultural sector of the country. 

In an attempt by the government to make the agricultural industry more interesting, parliament has approved a loan worth $52.5 million between the government of Ghana and an International Fund for Agricultural Development to support, finance, and ensure the sustainability of the sector. The facility to acquire is to ensure high productivity in such an era. This loan agreement between the government of Ghana and the international body was actually presented to parliament on the fourth night.

To address the climate crisis, we must begin working towards it.

In advance of this year's Earth Day celebration, Virginia Palmer, the U.S. Ambassador, announced the winners of the "Capture the Change" photo contest on Thursday, April 20, 2023. The U.S. Embassy's creative strategy for piquing the interest of African youth in learning about solutions to the worldwide climate crisis is the contest. It's important to note that more than 100 young folks shared pictures of the effects, possible solutions, and adaptations Ghanaians are making to deal with the climate crisis.

According to the U.S. Ambassador, "I'm truly impressed by young Ghanaians' creativity and optimism, as well as their mental resolve to address the climate crisis. These pictures clearly show how they are adjusting to our changing climate." The Biden administration has made investments in and plans to collaborate with the U.S. since 2021. To support African-led initiatives to promote conservation, climate adaptation, and a fair energy transition, the S Congress is expected to contribute at least 1.1 billion.

The U.S. program is supported by The Daily Graphic. S Embassy will use technology to take advantage of young people's possibilities to address the global climate crisis. To survive, American nations, including Ghana, must take proactive measures because they are already suffering from some of climate change's worst effects. The African continent has the smallest share of global greenhouse gas emissions, at just 3.8%, according to the Carbon Disclosure Project( CDP)- Africa, compared to China's 23%, the US '19%, and the European Union's ( EU) 13%.

However, when it comes to climate-related disasters like floods, drought, displacement, and food and water uncertainty, Africa is the hardest hit. According to the World Meteorological Organization( WMO), the average temperature in Africa between 1991 and 2021 is 0.3° C per decade, which is faster than the 0.2% warming rate between 1961 and 1990. With an estimated 116 million people on the continent expected to be at risk of sea level rise, the American coastlines are also experiencing a rise in sea levels that is faster than the world average. Additionally, over 500,000 people have died on the peninsula as a result of drought over the past 50 years, and more than US$ 70 billion has been lost. This is in addition to the more than 2,000 deaths caused by flood-related tragedies that were reported during that time. Once more, it is predicted that by 2050, climate change will cost African countries$ 50 billion annually. 

The Daily Graphic thinks that efforts to address the global climate crisis may be inclusive and all-encompassing in light of the bleak picture presented below. Other stakeholders may speak out and take action to safeguard the environment from harm while policymakers develop solutions to the climate crisis. Steps must be taken to reduce vehicular emissions as nations strive to keep emissions below the 1.5° C target set by the Paris Agreement. To stop persistent flooding in many areas of the nation, flood-mitigating actions must also be implemented. To stop the tide, all community, national, regional, and international actors must cooperate in an organized way.

There is a need to have more female parliamentarians in our parliament due to the diverse capabilities of females.

 There is a need to have more female parliamentarians in our parliament due to the diverse capabilities of females. There has been a concern about involving more females in our legislative arm of the government. These suggestions were a result of the probe of the population of the country. Now, the assumption is that in a state where the female has the number in terms of population size becomes more logical to get their representative correspondence number in parliament as well. Looking at Ghana's population, the number of females constitutes the greatest portion so it becomes necessary to have a reflective number in the parliament as well.

However, it is quite unfortunate that female parliamentarians are only a few, just about 40 out of the total 275 members of parliament. Since this number is too small to render the inability for female members of parliament to part take in the decision-making the ensure the well-being of the females in the country. This same number hinders the opportunity of the female members of parliament to express their interest in the decision-making process about the male members of parliament. The procedures laid in the parliament of Ghana always give the male parliamentarians the upper hand in the decision-making process. 

This is unintentional to have few female members of parliament with more male parliamentarians as they are far more in number. The argument here is that female members of parliament have little opportunity to make decisions on crucial things bothering women in the country. In this case, any issue introduced in parliament concerning women makes the female members of parliament discuss such issues affecting them due to their number in parliament. 

An issue at parliament now becomes a concern we need to take urgent action. The Speaker of Parliament however has suggested that some quotas need to be introduced to minorities and certain groups. Such quotas shall be included in certain decisions. It seems the country is suffering from gender equality in so many aspects of the country therefore some mechanisms are required to straighten up all the imbalances. 

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