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Volta NDC advises govt to alleviate present financial challenges

The Volta Local division of the Nationwide Autonomous Our lawmakers (NDC) has actually contacted the federal authorities to start solutions to ameliorate the financial difficulty dealing with Ghanaians.
It stated the present financial difficulty can be credited to the malpractice of the economic condition due to the federal authorities. In a declaration released and also authorized due to the Volta Local Interactions Policeman of the NDC, Mr. Sorkpa K. Agbleze, in Ho, the celebration shared the problem approximately the large spread out the higher price of residing in the area due to constant raises in the costs of commodities in markets within the area.

Just before and also right now

The claim described Head of state Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo's claim on Nov 25, 2013, through which he stated that "the scenario in Ghana today is among endemic nepotism, worsening financial difficulty for the masses and also the absence of projects for the young people." That, the celebration stated, was actually ironical and also monitored that factors were actually doubly even much worse under the present management. "Our experts intend to place on file that the scenario after that, under past Head of state John Mahama, was actually much a lot better compared to exactly just what our experts are actually experiencing under Head of state Akufo-Addo when one contrasts the costs of products in 2016 to dominating costs in 2022", the claim stated.

Instances of various other nations

"The NDC in the Volta Area refuses to recognize the justification that nations around the world are actually dealing with rate treks", it stated. Inning accordance with the celebration, unlike Ghana which possessed tape-taped dual figure inflation of 23.6 percent because of inadequate control of the economic condition and also careless cost, nations including Kenya, Tanzania, Togo, Seychelles, Southern Africa, Uganda, Mozambique, Namibia, Benin, Botswana, to name a few on the African continent have actually tape-taped singular figure inflation, and also contacted federal authorities to discover means to simplicity the stress the economic condition positions on the country.

I'll rest the ‘8' - Asabee declares at the project release

A Nationwide Chairman hopeful of the Brand-brand new Patriotic Event (NPP), Stephen Asamoah Boateng, has actually defined themself as the "area commander" that the event needs to maintain electrical power happened 2024. Mr. Asamoah Boateng, commonly named "Asabee", mentioned the critical attributes of the 2024 political vote-casting demanded an individual along with grassroots mobilization prowess "to break the 8."

"The fight in 2024 is actually certainly not child's play; it is actually difficult. Our experts have actually the Nationwide Autonomous Our lawmakers (NDC) as a sturdy contender; as well as if you have actually such a challenger, you get all of them on coming from elbow chair technique at our risk. "Our experts don't require a tie-wearing chairman but an area commander; which I provide you," he mentioned.

The previous Director-General of the Condition Rate of passion as well as Control Authorization (SIGA) mentioned this at the release of his project in Accra last night. The center followers of the Asabee chairmanship quote at the celebration were actually some constituency execs coming from Mfantseman West as well as Peninsula Coastline Southern. They sang his compliment as well as shouted slogans that presented the chairman hopeful as a unifier, experienced political leader as well as an indefatigable forerunner.

Amidst shouts of "Kukurudu! damaging the 8 along with Asabee," the previous Info Preacher proclaimed that he was actually going all of the bent on gaining the nationwide champion of the NPP as well as topping the event to electoral success happened 2024. He released the project record, highlighting exactly just what he called a seven-point dream "to create a strong event. The 7 factors consisted of unifying the event, enhancing event frameworks, property the financial resources of the event whatsoever amounts, making sure that 40 percent of consultations most likely to the grassroots, property well-being unit for the event as well as making sure ladies as well as young people permission.

Discussing event unity, the previous Mfantseman West Participant of Parliament (MP) defined themself as "the magnet whose humbleness, forthrightness, daring, higher electricity as well as an organizational capability" will draw in individuals of numerous histories to work with the event. Mr. Asamoah Boateng mentioned he will be placed in bodies to reinforce the connection between participants of the event as well as the federal authorities through rolling exactly just what he called plan 60:40, a program that will guarantee that 40 percent of political consultations are most likely to the grassroots.

"Asabee means to strongly seek the plan 60:40 where the event negotiates 40 percent of political consultations to visit the rate as well as submit along with the 60 percent heading to the Head of the state as well as his center group," he mentioned.

Once more, he mentioned all the divisions, as well as the wings of the event, will be actually well-resourced to guarantee useful workplaces throughout the nation. On the problem of well-being, Mr. Asamoah Boateng mentioned he will top the means to create a durable well-being unit to assist event participants to fulfill their demands. He mentioned at the center of his dream was actually the commitment to champ ladies' permission as well as young people's advancement. "This is crucial to me, as well as I will certainly attend the encouraging of ladies as well as the young people to become entrepreneurial, understanding as well as expanding to leave behind a strong heritage for potential productions," he mentioned.

Recruiting 100,000 Volunteers The Youth Division 

 National Youth Division (NYA) recruits 100,000 young volunteers nationwide to establish a good volunteer culture and help young people contribute to the development of the country. To. Called the National Youth Volunteer Program, this initiative, scheduled to begin later this year, will enable young people to serve in the areas of infrastructure development, health, welfare, education, and environmental protection. 


 NYA Vice President Akosua Manu announced this in a speech on behalf of CEO Pius Hajide. Although it is a career path, we will continue to establish a good culture of volunteer activities nationwide and incorporate essential values ​​such as leadership, patriotism, and responsibility. She spoke at the inauguration of Michelle Leslie Bartlett-Vanderpuye, her new patron who is also the group chairman of the MNC Group company at the Greater Accra Regional Chapter of the Young Men Christian Youth Association (YMCA). 

 Management and Finance expert Bartlett Vanderpue succeeds Seth Key. 

 He was appointed after a successful approval by the Greater Accra Regional Council of the YMCA. Mrs. Manu said the volunteerism initiative would be followed by another initiative called `The skills towards Employment and Productivity Programme, which also provided apprenticeship and skills training to young people to enhance their employability. 

 Mrs. Manu explained that the NYA would work closely with the YMCA, which had a proven record of being a pillar in youth development across the globe to ensure the holistic development of the youth. 
“Indeed, the exploits of the YMCA in our country predates the independence by over half a century and we will continue to work with it to foster youth-led solutions for building Africa we want,” the deputy CEO of NYA said.  Mrs. Manu called on the YMCA to come forth with ideas on areas of collaboration to actualize the collective vision of transforming youth development in the country. 

 Acceptance  After introducing, Bartlett Vanderpue used his expertise as an internationally-positioned entrepreneur to attract more entrepreneurs within the association to tackle the problem of unemployment. I explained that. "Because I value influence and results, I focus on empowering young people through entrepreneurship and helping them understand the value of their existence," he said. He further stated that as a leader, he would always be committed to fulfilling the group's aspirations. 

 Bartlett Vanderpuyer urged members of the association to gather behind him for an effective regime. James Ekow Rhule, former president of YMCA's African Alliance, said unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing young people in the country. Therefore, new patrons need to work closely with the association to address the issue. “When the youth is unemployed, you and I who are working are not safe,” he said.  Mr. Rhule charged the patron to use his expertise to reposition the YMCA to consolidate its gains as the leading youth development association in the country. 

 For his part, the Greater Accra Regional Director of the YMCA, Mr. Reginald Ffoulkes Crabbe, said the youth must understand that they were the future and bedrock of society and must, therefore, engage in activities that would be beneficial to their future and the larger community. It is illegal and illegal to spend money on SIM registration. Telecommunications Chamber of Commerce 

 The Telecommunications Chamber of Commerce in Ghana warns mobile network operators (MNOs) SIM registration agents not to charge a SIM registration fee. It is illegal for the Ghana Telecommunications Council to require customers to pay any amount of registration fees in a statement signed by CEO Kenneth Ashigbay on Monday, January 31, 2022. And said it was fraudulent. 

 "I noticed that some SIM registration agents of mobile network operators (MNOs) who are currently registering subscribers are requesting some subscribers to register their SIM cards," he said. I am. For him, continuous SIM registration is completely free and subscribers are not expected to pay agent fees. Pay the registration agent for  SIM registration. In 2011, SIM Registration Rule 2011 (LI 2006) was enacted primarily to mitigate mobile phone crimes such as prank calls, cybercrime, mobile phone fraud and related issues, and general security. 

 This regulation allows law enforcement agencies to identify SIM card owners and prosecute criminals for illegal activities using phones, phone theft, offensive text messages, mobile fraud, and SIM box fraud. It also helps to prevent. 

 Below is a statement 

 SIM registration is completely free in Accra, January 31, 2022- Some SIM registration agents of mobile network operators (MNOs) who are currently registering subscribers to some subscribers I noticed that I am requesting to register the SIM on the invoice. 

 The Ghana  Telecommunications Council, on behalf of its members  AirtelTigo, MTN, and Vodafone has noted that continuous SIM registration is completely free and subscribers do not have to pay agent fees. I want to inform the general public. This activity is a national exercise funded by the government and mobile network operators. Therefore, it is illegal and illegal to require a customer to pay any amount as a registration fee. 

 We have issued this statement warning those who continue to be illegal and fraudulent to refrain from doing so. We also implore the general public to desist from paying or offering payments to the agents. Subscribers who are asked to pay or charged for registration should report the incidents to the nearest police station or to their service providers. The MNOs remain committed to full transparency and accountability to both the Government of Ghana and its customers and seek the support and understanding of its customers to make this exercise a success.

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