Four characteristics that distinguish pre-MBA programs You Need To Know

 1 Program duration.  Duration can range from a few weeks to a full year, depending on the school and curriculum focus.

2 Curriculum.  The ideal program should focus on both test preparation and skills improvement so that students are prepared for the GMAT, and the TOEFL and also have the skills needed to succeed in current US MBA programs.

3 Services.  The services offered by the programs vary widely. Services include guidance, university placement, and housing assistance. Many pre-MBA programs are tied to the MBA program on the same university campus, so qualified students are automatically admitted.

4 Technology.  Technological skills are critical in today's business environment. Some pre-MBA programs have classes and computer facilities to help students develop technology skills. In addition, it is good for students to train for the GMAT and TOEFL on the computer to be better prepared to take these computerized exams.

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