My political experience is inert; I am simply born to lead - Dr. Bawumia claims.

 My political experience is inert; I am simply born to lead - Dr. Bawumia claims. There's an assertion made by the vice president of the Republic of Ghana, Dr. Bawumia claiming is the political journey has to bless him with the requisite skills and experiences to run into the race for flagbearers for his political party. According to Dr. Bawumia, he believes Ghana is going to be one of the fastest-growing countries under his regime when he's voted into power and hence wins the general election in 2024. The vice president, Dr. Bawumia said for him to join the race to win the flagbearer is a blessing to the party. In all he also declared his intentions for the country thereby urging his party members to choose him to be the flagbearer to defeat the vibrant opposition political party, New Democratic Congress (NDC). He stated that he's the only one with a track record to win the 2024 general election. 

He added that even being a running mate for Nana Addo has earned him so much track records due to his pool of interventions and innovative ideas. In this, he said he has been vice president for two solid terms (8 years) and a running mate for the party four consecutive times. His experience working at the Bank of Ghana earned him many skills related to the economy. Being the vice president for two terms has made him gain more experience in economic management performance since he was even once the chairman of the economic management team, he said. For our political party, New Patriotic Party to win the next political power ahead of the 2024 general election will need to have someone who has track records to lead the party. The party is now aiming for breaking the 8, thus winning political power three consecutive times is only possible when a competent person is chosen to lead the party. A person with great credibility, and innovative ideas, who have acquired experience to sustain the party in power again. 

"Because I am from the North part of Ghana and the flagbearer of the opposition political party is also from the North will even make me win the general 2024 elections automatically. In this case, I will penetrate into the strongest holds of the New Democratic Congress and campaign massively for the New Patriotic Party to win with ease," Vice President Dr. Bawumia mentioned. A meeting with the New Patriotic Party delegates at Somanya made it known that he's not into politics to enrich himself and his family but to help the country grow. He again stated that before he partnered with the current New Patriotic Party leader, he had so many chances and better things to do to fetch him a lot of money but yet decided to let them go because of the love he has for his country. For him joining the party in 2016 enabled the party to win political power, wasn't that awesome? He said. 

The vice president, Dr. Bawumia also enlisted the number of policy and social interventions he has brought up during his regime as a vice president and these include free senior high school, and technical vocational education, among others through his efforts the party has implemented. He said these named interventions are okay to yield their political power. Another outstanding intervention is the Ghana card which is going to serve multiple purposes. This includes traveling to the various West African states with the Ecowas card.  Brothers and sisters, we don't have to let anyone throw the dust into our eyes, let's not allow anyone to lie to us that I can not and for that matter not qualified to handle the economy and the country as a whole said the vice president. The vice president in addressing the delegates also stated that nobody from the 20 aspirants is trustworthy and also with good track records other than him. 

The job is not about talking or finding one to become just a flagbearer but rather a person with vision, credibility, track records, innovative ideas, tolerance, and humility. Looking at all his qualities he can get the job done when power is vested in him. He, therefore, appeals to the delegates to give him the thumbs up to be the flagbearer for the party. 

 The Bawumia's victory: A moment of National Invigoration.

 It was a moment of national and historical significance when Barack Obama became the first black presidential candidate from one major political party, followed by America's first African-American president. The election of Bawumia as the NPP's standard-bearer may not have the same magnitude or racial conflagration, but from an ethnic, tribal, and religious point of view, it has the same influence.  From a symbolic perspective, there are many young people of northern extract; many young Muslims who will look at the image of their kinsman clinching the nomination and know that they too can dream big, aspire to the highest levels, and achieve the seemingly improbable. This is why the victory of Bawumia will be a moment of national inspiration.

This is of particular concern to young people, Muslims, and particularly nationals from the Northern part of Ghana. We must not lose sight of and underestimate this development given the context within which it has occurred, especially those discussions that have been taking place between northern sector divi­sion and marginalization.   It's possible this was an NPP issue, but it is a huge advertisement of democracy, identity politics, representation, seats in parliament, and par­ticier policies across Ghana and Africa at large.  Many young people in Walewale, Bimbilla, Kum­bungu, Navrongo, Gushegu, Gberi, Peteyiri, Zabzugu, and many other towns and villages will look at this picture of Bawumia being coronated as leader of his party and know that they too can achieve whatever they set out to do.

It is a great sign of how far we have come in the history of this country that anyone, irrespective of race, ethnicity, religion, creed, or region can aspire to be Ghana's presidential candidate, flagbearer, and leader. Admittedly, it doesn't automatically rid itself of all the problems but at a fundamental level that is completely devoid of any political mischief, optics has tremendous implications to encourage a culture of aspiration, inspiration, and grand dreams. This is Ghana’s own regional or ethnic glass ceiling break­ing moment, a boundary-breaking moment by any measure.

 The National Peace Council calls upon us to adopt a moderate tone in our communications

Some political figures, particularly from the two major political parties, the New Patriotic Party( NPP) and the National Democratic Congress( NDC), have accelerated the political climate even before the nation engages in significant electioneering in 2024 by making statements that have the potential to spur their supporters to act in ways that threaten the peace and stability of their nation. Because they harm national peace and do not portend for our democratic era, The Daily Graphic does not think it is appropriate to repeat the statements made by some social leaders. The National Peace Council( NPC) had been prompted by these offensive remarks to urge the political parties to pay attention to what they said to prevent unwarranted instability and unneeded tension in the nation.

 Worryingly, the perpetrators frequently claim that their remarks were merely political rhetoric intended to warn their supporters to exercise caution during elections. The NPP and NDC have both launched campaigns to persuade voters to provide either side the majority in Parliament by 2024 in light of the current impasse in the legislature. The two major political party leaders were gathered by the Police Administration next Tuesday to issue warnings about their remarks and how they might jeopardize the stability of the country. In addition to meeting with the social party leaders, we think the Police Administration has more work to do. Before and during the 2020 general election, there have been unresolved situations involving fatalities or maim injuries for several individuals. Despite pleas from Ghanaians and civil society organizations, the Ghana Police Service has not even updated its investigations into these situations.

The authorities should have updated us on these investigations by now. BrytGh also urges all political parties, social actors, and law enforcement organizations to carry out their duties with greater accountability. As the NPC president, Rev., correctly stated, Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi, it is not the best defense to claim that no action was taken against a political worker for making offensive remarks and that another political opponent may do the same. Social leaders' justifications are useless, so the police need to take a more proactive approach. The electorate should be informed of the sanctions imposed on offenders to deter others, and it is wise to establish a legitimate unit to examine political statements. The Daily Graphic even appreciates the NPC's initiative to ask security agencies to consider their roles in promoting peaceful elections as well as the election roadmap.

We also urge media outlets to exercise caution by refraining from reporting divisive political remarks because, in the worst-case scenario, the media cannot absolve itself of responsibility. When program creators or guests permit politicians to render such provocative remarks without interjecting, it can be worrying. By preventing the use of their systems to upset national peace, media practitioners also have a crucial role to play.

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