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Primary Mahama sharp weapon at me - Denkyira Obuasi Assemblyman at test


The Assemblyman for Denkyira Obuasi at the moment Primary Maxwell Adam Mahama was actually eliminated in the city in 2017 has actually testified that the armed forces policeman sharp a weapon at him when he aimed to technique him. William Baah, that opened up his support at the Accra Higher Court of law today, (July 18, 2022 ) claimed he possessed a quick conflict along with Primary Mahama on the Denkyira Obuasi-Diaso roadway, along with the soldier moving in the direction of Denkyira Obuasi, while he, along with a motorcycle biker as well as another individual, was actually going the contrary path.

He incorporated that he came close to Primary Mahama due to the fact that a lady possessed mentioned to him that a male, equipped with a pistol, was actually moving in the direction of Denkyira Obuasi, as well as the idea the male was actually Primary Mahama. Primary Mahama, he claimed, sharp a weapon at him coming from around fifty meters away when he attempted to obtain more details, making him reverse as well as carry on along with his trip in the direction of Diaso.

Inning accordance with him, the following opportunity he observed Primary Mahama (Primary Mahama) was eliminated, along with some participants of the area explaining Primary Mahama as an equipped robber. Baah is actually a status test along with thirteen others on the allegation of murder of the armed forces policeman on Might 29 2017. Condition district attorneys have actually implicated him in inciting as well as mobilizing the young people of Denkyira Obuasi to get rid of Primary Mahama that got on an early morning stroll coming from Diaso to the area.

He has actually begged innocent to abetment to homicide, while the thirteen others have actually begged innocent to homicide as well as conspiracy to homicide. Led through his legal representative, George Bernard Shaw, Baah, that explained themself as an instructor, assemblyman as well as farmer claimed on Might 29, 2017, he possessed mentioned to an institution when a lady named Maame Bono named him that a male along with a weapon was actually moving in the direction of Denkyira Obuasi coming from Diaso.

He claimed he swiftly named the authorities commander of Diaso to notify him yet the contact didn't undergo. The implicated individual incorporated that he, for that reason, chose to head to Diaso to affirm exactly just what Maame Bono possessed said to him as well as document the issue to the Diaso Authorities.

Inning accordance with him, on his method to Diaso, he complied with a male as well as although he didn't find the male along with a weapon, he chose to technique him due to the fact that certainly there certainly was actually not one other individual on that particular extend of the roadway, as well as he thought that was actually the male Maame Bono was actually speaking about. The male, he claimed, sharp a weapon at him which terrified him therefore he chose to carry on his trip to the Diaso Authorities Terminal.

Baah more claimed after mentioning the issue to the Diaso police headquarters, he returned to Denkyira Obuasi merely to locate that the exact very same male he possessed experienced were eliminated, along with his physical body existing certainly there certainly. "I listened to somebody mentioning that he is actually lifeless. Burglars, as well as burglars, have actually terrorized our company for a lengthy. The townsfolk idea he was actually an equipped robber," he claimed.

When inquired through his legal representative about the criminal offense circumstance in the area, he claimed Denkyira Obuasi possessed a skilled amount of break-in as well as swiping instances. Baah is going to carry on along with his testament on Oct 17 this year when the court of law, presided over through Judicature Mariama Owusu, a Judicature of the Supreme Court of law resting as a Higher Court of a law court, resumes resting after the lawful getaway.


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