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Comparing life insurance quotes

To get the best price possible, compare life insurance quotes from various insurers before you buy. Make sure to compare policies with the same level of coverage, and take note of any additional features offered for free. For example, some insurers may include an accelerated death benefit rider at no extra cost, while others may charge extra for it to be added. Insurers may provide quotes for different payment intervals, such as monthly or annual plans. Additional administrative fees are sometimes added to monthly payments, making annual plans slightly cheaper.

Life insurance quotes are estimates and do not typically match the final price of a policy. The actual cost of your policy is determined once you submit a full application and complete any necessary health requirements like a medical exam. Once you have found the right policy, be as honest as possible when applying. In some cases, an insurer may not pay the death benefit to your beneficiaries if you have lied on the application.

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