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To celebrate its 65th anniversary, the Ghanaian Writers Association (GAW) is calling on individuals and groups to support the organization in developing more articles on Making Ghana Read More. Nana Kwesi Jian Abenting, former VAG president and member of the advisory board, explained that writers need support to develop high-quality products. He said culture in many parts of the world is funded by states, organizations and interests. Nana Jian Abenteng spoke at the first meeting on Thursday at the African Writers Association (Bawa) headquarters in Accra.

The topic is "65 years of improving handwriting in Ghana: prospects and challenges". Reading reading. Nana Gyan-Applidng has recently stated that reading has decreased between adults and children. He is concerned about the phenomenon and explains. "The more writers who can plan and collect for different activities such as Sunday Gaw, the more the costs of the distribution of books, the more cost of distributing the book, more people, more people, people can do it. Please read as if You buy more. "

"We also have a GAW (GAWSOP) -Curriculum for which public support requires, including participation and support needed to achieve our goals," has been added. He stated that GAW was united and disciplined, only she explains as the most suitable organization and successful culture. "It's the device to integrate our ancestors into your organization and we benefit from us and play a holy duty for our people. Journalists, writers, and filmmakers have always said, “Loneliness is a relief from a crisis, it is a loneliness and it has to live for more than 65 years.”

GAW President Francis Bormita said the organization is looking to the future and will have a positive impact on the future. He remembered when the GAW was part of the legislature and said that members need to come together to decide their fate. He added that the organization ran into problems at the age of 65, but they did their best to improve their work. According to him, the organization has developed a 10-year plan to help form a school organization to encourage young people to focus on reading and writing. VAG member and poet Animonium said the school should keep books written by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana.

He explained that Dr. Nkrumah, who was also a member of the church, wrote many of his books. "His ideas have been used everywhere because he likes to save Africa from poverty and darkness," he said.


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