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Motion picture industry players mourn T. T


Television set drama series, Cab Driver production participants and industry players are mourning the losing of veteran actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio, who played out one of the era-defining show’s under the most favorite character known as T. T. Typically the actor died this morning, April 8, at his Ayikuma home after battling diabetic and other health conditions for years.

Veteran actor and production assistant, Kofi Falconer, spoke to the Daily Graphical yesterday, hours after T. T’s demise. “He was like a brother to me, we go way back to his teaching days and nights. I’ve known him or her for over 40 years, he helped my daughter gain admission, I was part of his two marriages. Throughout words of development, we worked on a lot of projects such as Taxi Driver, the series that made him children name, Asimov movie, and many others, ” he said. “It was just unfortunate he acquired to a point in the life that his health kept deteriorating to the point where he couldn’t action anymore. Simply speaking, he / she was a good man who presumed that tomorrow will usually manage itself. Let me miss him or her, ” he included.

Work Ethics

Socrates Sarfo, a motion picture producer, who may have functioned with the later T. T on movies such united Flesh, What Love-making Can Do and Adult Only, said he fondly thought of the taxi motorist actor for his work ethics. “I have known your pet for 10 years and I can confidently say, having been gifted, when it comes to acting, its technical issues, he was on top, having already been a natural professional, it is simply unhappy that the new actors did not get the opportunity to learn from your pet, ” he said.

Mikki Osei Berko, who acted together with TT in Taxi cab Driver tv series, playing the role of Master Rich, said the last mentioned was someone he or she learnt a great deal from. “When it comes to work, I learnt a lot from your pet, I’ve known your pet for about quarter of a century, he was like a large brother, I actually call him a quality actor. The particular system was not fair to your pet, taking a look at his skills and keenness for the creative industry; during his seeking moments, having already been left at the mercy of people. It is unhappy, he deserved better than having already been given. ”Adjeteyfio was in this news last yr after selection open public his financial problems.


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