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Certainly not go into business alone — DCI Microfinance MD suggests


The Managing Representative of Diamond Money Investments (DCI) Microfinance, Selasie Woanyah, has urged Ghanaian children to take into consideration partnerships when they decide to start out an enterprise. Speaking to Rev. Erskine on Y107. 9FM’s YLeaderboard Series, Mr. Woanyah said it was ideal to start out a business with trusted people. "It’s not a good idea for folks to travel into business on your own, it would be better to undertake it together with people you trust, inches he said.

They added that lenders do not loan to people who have ideas but rather people ready to build their businesses. “A bank for illustration, would not lend to finance a thought. Of which is left another group of money category. So, my advice to young people is the fact, give attention to building your business. First of all, receive the right associates and don’t go into business alone”.

He explained that having three co-founders for an enterprise was ideal because all the partners could bring different essential skills that might make the business profitable. "If you can get two co-founders to make upwards three founders of a business, it is very the best. An individual have to look for friends who have different strong points and skills to help make a synergy that will permit your company to thrive” he said.

He further told the youth to buy partners who are in arrangement and be common with direction of the business enterprise. “When you find such people, write everything down and ensure you all have the same goals, have interactions throughout the ideas you have and give attention to building your product, after build your market to a point where you can sell it”. He added “for your business to reach people, you have to go to the avenue, knock on gates and catch clients”.


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