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You can easily Be a Celebrity But Sustaining Stardom Is Difficult - TV Presenter, Abena Kyei

Abena Kyei, host of Fontomfrom on Kantanka TELEVISION, has advised people aspiring to get into the entertainment industry to look past the luxury clothes, endorsement deals, vehicles, glitz and enchantement that are included with stardom. Exactly what they may well not know is how much difficulty it is and exactly how real the struggle is to maintain that stardom. She is therefore advising people to be cautious what they wish for because being a celebrity will not be easy. According to her, one of the questions the girl had was required to answer from her enthusiasts was how to grow a star.

“I have had to answer this question over and over again but I would like to use this medium to make things clear. The belief that almost all of those in the spotlight do not communicate about is the fact being a star is not difficult but sustaining it is where the effort is". “Look, you only do something crazy and the next min, you are all over the multimedia but what you do along with it, how you sustain it, is where the challenge is. Generally there are many people who became actors within just weeks, days and nights, and so out but months down the road, they are nowhere found.

“To be able to answer this question, you need to ask what made which you legend? If it is through hard work, then I will explain it will be easy to preserve. If you build the manufacturer over time, then you can sustain it and it will be so easy to do that. “However, if it is not, then there is an matter, then you will have to employ in all types of things to be able to stay relevant. Desperation makes it is presence felt, then you start deceiving people by doing things that you know are not right.

“I feel a lot more a journey and this journey is a procedure, it is like climbing a ladder, do it one step at a time, ” she told Graphical Showbiz recently. Abena, who participated in Ghana’s Most Lovely in 2011 and emerged 3 rd runner-up, has recently been hosting the morning hours show on Kantanka TV for a few years and said the journey was worth it. “Nothing good comes easy, everything comes with a price you pay and hard work is the greatest price if anyone asks me. That might look gradual but consistency, strength, focus and praying have always recently been my watch words.

"I have were living by these words so far, Im enjoying my work. I will be proud of myself, ” your woman stated. For the instructions she had mastered, she said, “It has changed a lot of awareness I’ve had. Primarily, I used to see people who do the things i do as competition, especially those who are prior to me but now I realize better. “I know that there is nothing completely wrong in learning from those ahead of you. Therefore, My partner and i have a few of them My partner and i go to learn from, I talk to so that My partner and i also become better at what My partner and i do", she included.

Talking about wht is the future held on her behalf, Abena Kyei, who may be also an businessman, said, “I have big dreams, it is my plea that we become one of the renowned morning show hosting companies in Africa and I am placing in the work to make that happen. ”


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