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Women in GRA tasked with helping achieve income targets

 All women working in various departments of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) help authorities reach their  annual income targets this year. I am tasked with pooling my efforts. GRA was tasked with mobilizing a total of 80.4 billion gigahertz revenue for the state. According to Julie Essium, Commissioner of Support Services at GRA, achieving the goal depends on the efforts of women working at the agency. 

 She made an observation to commemorate this year's International Women's Day by the GRA Women's Club in Akra last Tuesday. The theme of this year's International Women's Day  is  "breaking the bias" to celebrate women's achievements and reaffirm their commitment to women's equality.  The local theme of the GRA Ladies Club was "Breaking Prejudice – The Role of GRA Ladies". She also has their role as a woman in the agency and "in our country, in our community, in our community, proud of our community, according to  our girlfriend, 4,444 women. Could not afford to be constrained by the general stereotypes that hinder their progress. 

 "We are unique as women, but our uniqueness does not have to be detrimental to us. It is true that women, among other things, culturally, economically and socially,  have experienced and continue to experience certain prejudices that have  made it difficult for women to progress over the years. " I did. Essium said: Therefore, she said, the women had to go one step further and be ready  to  break  the glass ceiling. 

 She encouraged women's club members  to unite, care for each other, help each other, and encourage each other. "To break the prejudice, don't divide the front line. You have to help and draw the lazy while praising those who have done heroic acts," she said. 


 GRA Chairman Rev. Ammishaddai Owusu Amoah said that prejudice against women makes it difficult for women to progress and it is important to break such prejudice. He said  GRA strives to help all  female employees "move up and make a big difference." Many women are already in  GRA management positions. B. Commissioner Support Services | Department, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, Area Director, Office Manager, Sector Commander, etc. 

 Owusu Amoah encourages women to pursue career opportunities boldly and confidently, rather than moving away from leadership positions. I did. GRA Ladies Club National President Vivian Ormagnoni praised GRA's management  for helping women empower. She urged GRA management  to continue "securing women's seats and encouraging women to speak" in addition to setting goals for women's participation at all levels. Empowerment  Nana Esi Adade Amankwa, Area Manager and Area Manager for 

 GRA Spintex, provides equal access to the knowledge, tools, resources, opportunities and skills needed for competition and prosperity to empower GRA women. He said it should include giving to all women. She praised GRA for creating equal opportunities for men and women. She said that many women are now in high positions in the agency. We will show our commitment, demonstrate our expertise and excellent skills, and contribute to  the overall growth and development of GRA and the country in no small measure. "


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