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Why do I need to display my personal assets on social networks? Trigmatic Asks


 Since joining the music industry nearly a decade ago, hip-hop artist Trigmatic has maintained her privacy on social media. According to him, he didn't object to celebrities showing off his private life on social networks, but he wasn't and it didn't matter to him. 

 "I don't want my stuff in there and my wife or family aren't in show business, so why show it off? Beyonce and Jay Z, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are all celebrities, so they might decide to post their stuff . Perhaps if I make a lot of money on social media I will post my personal information on social media,” he told Graphic Showbiz. He said the only time people can contact someone is when someone posts photos and videos  on social media. 

 Also, contrary to popular belief that music doesn't make a lot of money, Trigmatic says that hopefully it makes money. The artist said that playing music right costs money. “Music is no longer a talent. To be a successful  musician you have to have everything you need. Musicians need the right management team, good distribution deals and media publicity to complete the package,” he said. 

 He also explained that it's time to get another part-time job so that musicians can switch to other jobs when they're no longer big names. “Besides music, I work in agriculture, and my company hosts events that raise a lot of money. “I feel comfortable doing these three things at the same time,” he said. 

 Trigmatic has been nominated by the Office of the President to be a member of the National Folklore Council and is pleased to be a part of it. "It is a great job to be a National Assembly member, and I am happy to be doing this. I will work hard."


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