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Use the right ways to become famous - Osoode


Veteran Kumawood actor Richard Sarkodie (aka Osoode Body Tilapia) invites young people, especially women, to become famous by all means, stop things and get it right. In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, Osoode lamented the practice of girls providing sex for a role or undermining others just to land a role. “It's pretty disappointing, but what's the guarantee that you'll be a star when you leave it to the producer, or suddenly become a star when you talk to someone else's producer?

"Fame doesn't come in a day. They are years of dedication and commitment. Let's use our talents to translate into money and don't think of crazy ways to get there. "From a distance, he behaves differently, but when he walks in, he sees reality. People often see actors as liars and immoral. But that's not the case." He said, "As a rookie actor, what do you want to bring? If you want to succeed, come with a good heart." OSDE has worked as a production manager six years ago before going to the mainstream 12 years ago.

"I worked with the production manager as production manager before playing full time. I realized that the praise was going to the actors because people see people on the screen of people during a dirty job. He said: "As a production manager, I paid more money than an actor, but it's not important to start to become an actor". Some of the popular films include Patu, Beyi Compliance, Formone Police, and Bido, ODO balancing and modification. He also treated many others with Nana Ama Macbrown, Vivian Jill, Kwadwo Nana Lilwin, Quit Manu, Bill University, Dad Kumasi.

Osoode also has its own production house in which it mainly shoots TV commercials and he explained that it was very beneficial. Compared to those days, they started working: "In the past we shot movies on CDs, there were marketers and in a maximum of two months, they get results and get them their pocket money, but now everything is on YouTube now internet," he said. "Now actor has become a mediator because there are no jobs for them, that is, the situation that we are currently getting," he said.

Even then Osoode said that if he had to come back to another life, he will determine another actor. He said: "The reason I always choose to act is that the strengths outweigh the challenge and I have no regrets for choosing to act." However, he described some of the problems that come with his work. "Everyone thinks you have money and every family depends on you. Your whole lifestyle is going to change and you have to be stylish. “If you're going to a funeral, you have to make a huge donation. Even street people demand money from you, "he said.


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