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Ukrainian War: Journalists Ambush


British journalists who reported the war in Ukraine were shot dead and injured after firing in Kyiv.  Sky News Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay and his four colleagues were driving back to the Ukrainian capital when they were ambushed. When they tried to escape from the car, a bullet hit Ramsey on his waist while cameraman Ritchie Mockler fired two rounds of armor on his body. 

 They were told that Russian reconnaissance units were behind the attack. Recently, 4,444 Russian troops have increased their artillery fire, with heavy artillery and attacks on skyscrapers, clinics and hospitals on Friday.  Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised  Sky News' crew for their courage and said they were endangering their lives to "tell the truth." 

 He said in a tweet, "The free press will not be threatened or threatened by barbaric and indiscriminate acts of violence." Other cities were unsafe and were canceled. The team escaped from the car while it was still on fire and hid in the factory building before being rescued by Ukrainian police. Ramsey recalled the incident and said there was a small explosion out of nowhere, the car stalled, and the bullets began to hit the car. 

 "I knew I had to go out to survive, but the incoming fire was intense," he said. Two producers came out first, then another producer, then Ramsey and a cameraman."I remember wondering if  death hurts. Then I was beaten in the waist. I shouted," I was beaten. "But what surprised me was that it didn't hurt so much. It was  like being beaten. " Ramsey, who is now back in the UK, said, "It was weird, but I felt very calm. I managed to put on my helmet, stop and go back to  the door shelf and pull out my phone and  press card, trying to escape. 

 "Richie says I  got out of the car, got up before jogging on the edge of the embankment, and  started running. I lost my balance, fell to the ground, landed like a bag of potatoes and faced. My good armor and helmet almost certainly saved me, " Ramsey said," The point is that we were very lucky. However, thousands of Ukrainians have died and the family is being attacked by a Russian hit team that is being attacked by driving on a family sedan, just like us. This war is getting worse day by day. On Friday, the BBC announced that it had temporarily suspended journalist work in Russia in response to a new law threatening to imprison those who believe Russia had spread its troops. "Fake" news. CNN and Bloomberg News did the same. 

 Access to the BBC website is already  restricted in Russia, but BBC News in Russian continues to be produced from abroad.

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