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Two police officers fingered as a brain behind some weighing VAN robbery

A close study show that it is a brain behind the brain on some of the rovers of Ghana's local bang rice field. Especially in the current ACCRA region, there was a robbery attack on the current ACCRA area. The police administration is currently silencing with the two policeman names, but the battle with Bullion Van Robbery Attacks reports Graphic Online Emelia Ennin ABBEY. 

 Police surveys are still continuous to impair surveys, and the names of  two suspects are  not disclosed with other suspects associated with robbery attacks. Police coach, police supervisor, Alexander Kwaku  after several months of monaural moral intelligence work at the highest level, Alexander Kwaku said the police coach, Alexander Kwaku. Several global delivery truck brownies recorded in larger Accra received a big breakthrough investigation. 

 Baatsona, February 202, 2021, SPARTEX, SPARTEX was examined as an attack, and a robbery was investigated as an attack. The third robbery attack investigated by Jamestown of A Dedenkpo has occurred in  the industrial area robbery  in February 2022. Other long-term polices assume that the survey is still lasting last, and it is assumed that it is assumed that all large people involved in such crimes will provide justice . 

 It guaranteed that police service Ghana continues to strive to release the country of crime activity that prevents the peace and stability of the people. 20 In the first half of 21 years, police recorded four attacks on bullion vans nationwide. In three cases, the robbers used cash to attack the vehicle on board. In two  cases,  police officers who escorted Van were killed. 

 On January 18, about 10 robbers  attacked a gold truck on the Adansi Fomena road in the Ashanti region, stealing an amount of 500,000 GH ¢. The driver  with vehicle registration number GT54319 survived while the police officer escorting the van was killed and his AK47 assault rifle was stolen. On March 1, about four armed groups robbed a bullion van at Spintex Road in Barzona near Dampon Hospital. 

 Bullion truck drivers and bank officials fled while escort officers were robbed. The robber broke into the van and fled with  money. In June, there were two bullion van attacks within three days. The first incident occurred on June 14th in Adedenkupo near James Town in Accra.  A police officer  and a woman escorting the van died, the driver of the vehicle was seriously injured, and the robber left with  money. The second occurred on June 17, when a passenger in a bullion van with registration number GN 6956 17 was attacked on the Winneba Accra highway. 

 An unknown perpetrator fired at a van at the Okyereko and Dominase parts of the Winneba Accra route. In addition to the driver, there were two police officers in the van for an amount of 550,000 yen. Police officers escaped the shooting, were rescued by the Winneba District Police, and were escorted  to Akra. The latest incident was stopped by  police when some robbers attempted to attack a bullion van in the North Kanesi industrial area of ​​Akra. 

 The attack was unsuccessful after a nearby police officer  on duty  intervened during an attempted robbery of a bullion van. When the robbers fled the scene, they shot indiscriminately. Three people were injured to varying degrees  and  were taken to the KorleBu Teaching Hospital for treatment.


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