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TMA to eject Standard Hospital squatters, kill against the law structures


Typically the Tema Metropolitan Assemblage (TMA) has given a two-week commandement to squatters on the premises of the Tema Standard Hospital to leave or face powerful eviction. Although the hospital is walled, some private individuals and squatters have were able to move into the facility, encroached undeveloped lands and constructed makeshift places of residence. The particular Chief Executive of the TMA, Yohane Amarh Ashitey, given the ultimatum if he went on a tour of the facility final Tuesday.

It implemented appeals from employees of a health care facility who lamented that the makeshift structures within the facility posed a threat to their safety. Employees said the situation got compromised security at the hospital, especially at the sectors where health employees resided. Indeed, some of the squatters have found home on the hospital’s premises as an answer to00 their accommodation problems. Others, who were employed as informal staff of the hospital, as time passes put up structures that they now call home on the window blind side of the hospital management.

A single of the squatters, who gave his name as John, said having already been in the beginning engaged as a informal worker by the medical center together his agreement renewed on each expiry, but his service was eventually terminated for over 10 years with no benefits paid to him. He said he previously already put up a structure for his family there so that they decided to stay on. Other squatters also explained that they were having challenges securing accommodation in town so they moved in to join friends and relations who already had makeshift structures around the undeveloped lands within a healthcare service premises.

Illegal buildings

During his visit, Mr Ashitey portrayed regret about the amount of encroachment within the facility and suggested that the TMA would enforce every available regulation to eliminate the unauthorised buildings.

He indicated that apart from ejecting the squatters from the Tema Basic Hospital, the TMA would venture forward with its organized demolition exercise of illegitimate structures filled along the road spanning the Argomento Harbour roundabout to the Tema Freeway intersection, expected to affect over five hundred structures. He said the assembly would also move into the different communities to demolish illegitimate buildings at unapproved places. Mr Ashitey later told the Everyday Graphic that the TMA would not countenance illegality and would ensure that the rule of law prevailed in the metropolis at all times.

“If our company is to make Tema shine again, then we must make sure self-control and rule of law prevails and is working to help us change the encounter from the metropolis, ” he said. Within a related development, the TMA has asked traders functioning on the Twedaase Junior High Institution park at Argomento Community One — created to appeal to the exigences caused by COVID-19 — to relocate to the primary Community One Marketplace within two days


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