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This group is training 30 young people.


The Youth Development Group, the leader of the State Awards Program (HoSA), has taught 30 youths various skills to improve their lives and health at the Youth Skills Training Summit. The Accra conference addressed issues related to marketing, financial discipline, and the use of social media for business development. Established with the support of HoSA, this project provides participants with expertise in bead making, soap, art design, hand sanitizers and confectionery making. The beneficiaries came from churches and schools in the Akra area. Tax discipline

Financial analyst Patrick Baa Abankova advised participants to get used to savings while the economy is growing. “One of the mistakes entrepreneurs make is to manage their income, especially when the economy is good. Poor financial management can lead to disasters and risks. It has an impact on the business. How to use profits. You need to plan. I recommend the 50-30-20 rule. Whatever you do here, 50% to request, 30% to request and 20% to keep, "he said.

Business coach King David Amo says marketing isn't an easy way, but attitude and foresight will get you there. “Everything starts with you. There will be all kinds of things like finances and time. But always remember what your dream is. If what you have isn't right for you, dream again. There are no working shortcuts. Always make sure to make your dreams come true through your passion," he said.

Melissa Aouad, a journalist at Yasmine, explained to the participants the importance of media coverage in the manufacturing industry. Selling a relationship is a virtual business venture, so you need to be aware of that, he says. He also challenged attendees to find good support tools to support their business. "As entrepreneurs, we need to bring in products like customer service, content, images and video because that's what we stand for," he said One of the participants, Ayew Samuel Yeboah, thanked the organization that dedicated his life to the workshop, saying, "I am very grateful for the training skills. I have always loved making beads and am glad to have the skills for work to have. Not only that, with the help of marketing I can do business. "

Another participant, Diana Dormarkapour, said the exercise caused her to lose her sight. “Before I signed up I thought I knew what social media was, but what I've learned so far is that relationships are different. I will do whatever it takes.” My business is prospering. "Few people have the right to be taught by a guru," he said. HoSA President Harry B. Sintim Aboagye commended participants for their desire to be entrepreneurs. Participants will receive a certificate of completion.


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