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The Belgian sanctioned by US for smuggling DOCTOR Congo gold


The Belgian gold dealer Alain Goetz and a network of companies have been endorsed by the US ALL for allegedly smuggling billions of money worth of platinum from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The government claims since 2016 Mister Goetz has recently been trading illegally in gold that has come from Congolese mines handled by armed groups who often use compelled labour or make use of miners.

US treasury official Brian Nelson said that "conflict gold" provided the greatest source of earnings to informed groups in asian DR Congo. "Alain Goetz wonderful community have written for armed conflict by obtaining DRC platinum without questioning their origin, " they said. Mr Goetz, who operates the African Gold Refinery, one of the businesses sanctioned, forbids the allegations.

They told the Linked Press agency the move would challenge his efforts to further improve transparency: “International organizations can now easily verify information and quote figures as a result of transparency that My partner and i laid a base for with the launch of Photography equipment Gold Refinery. ” The majority of DR Congo’s inhabitants do not profit from the country’s vast mineral riches, with many lifestyle on less than $2 (£1. 50) a day.

Typically the government estimates that 90% of platinum from DR Congo is smuggled out there of the country - much of it to Uganda and Rwanda -before it is sold on to international markets.

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