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Start a product of wealthy work

 Republic Investment (Ghana) Limited has launched a standing income fund to increase customer investment by assisting individuals and organizations to build prosperity. The Finance Committee mainly focuses on bonds for individuals, students, relatives, groups, institutions, civil society funds, political pensions, and individuals including pensions by investment. The interpretation of publications across the ACCRA weekend is stated as follows. And operation investment-Brothers. Trust Wealth, Bond Funds represent expansion of investment product groups in the Republic. "

He stated that funds were intended to provide an interim and a long-term investment portfolio for investors. We also aim to invest earnings by investment in fixed deposits, corporate bonds, local bonds, city, Ghana, and liquid funds, equipped with Ghana SIR as a basic currency. "After the beginning of successful confidence of the Republic of the Republic, the initial public proposal (IPO) has launched a valid deployment period from 22 to 2022 to 20 April 22. Per unit is the first price and minimum investment to participate in the IPO For 100 units or primary of GH ¢ 50.00

He said that after the completion of the proposal period, a regular investment plan is available with mobile money, bank transfer, order, standing or visited bank transfer for regular purchase, it is said that it is for additional investment in wealth The initial cost adds the offer period. , Investment Investment Republic Investment (Ghana) Madline Natteai said that the investment of Republic is proud to start GIS for more than three decades, and the introduction of "Prosperity Republic Republic of Trust" developed options for customer financing It is done.

"Since the economic indicator continues to show its level and approach, they need to ensure that we invest in investment to maintain their purchases by making prosperity with vehicles in the form of faith." he said “This new product adds an additional barrier to creating another source of income for retirement planning, projects, supporting the educational needs of children/relatives and creating wealth for the future,” he said.

Convinced of Market Trust's Republic of Walt Trust, Netty said, "Investing in fund assets is so important that compliance and risk management are central to our investment management strategy. . Accurate and accurate counterparty models and our portfolio selection depend on your It is designed to ensure safe investments by making decisions about where and how to invest their assets.” Republic Bank (Ghana) Plc. The Chief Executive Officer Flaid Ant said that it was a store of the investment and all investment requirements, but it has been searching for excellence and innovation in the market by presenting this new product. It reached properly. In particular, informal sectors have time to support people to create long-term wealth and structured retirement items. As a result, they encouraged all customers, corporate agencies, and the general public to subscribe to new products to protect their future.

Securities Trading Committee (seconds), REV. Management director Daniel Ogbarmey Tetteh praised Republic Investments for promoting and securing investment in the country over the years and said it was the first to introduce CSI. He expressed optimism that the characteristics of the "Republic Wealth Trust" would provide a niche to secure people's future prospects through investment.

"We are creating the future we want by developing a disciplined culture of savings and investment," said Rev. Ogbalmei.


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