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Shaq Express offers the first electronic bicycle Ghana for delivery services.

Shaq Express began to test an electronic bike from a shipping company. The company is involved in e-bicycles last week to stabilize performance and reduce recovery costs, especially fuel. This is a fast growing company with many shipping companies, but many airlines do not use e-bicycles, so one of the first companies can use Shaq Express in the country. Anthony Ouso - was a good trial was recognized as key elements to develop and improve fuel. Owusu-Ansah said: "The future here and real electricity."

"We started in the new electronic bike test in three modest ways support sustainable development goals (SDGS) 7 and 13 by reducing carbon footprint for the environment. "It will be a game changer, creating ways to reduce our dependence on fuel and better serve the economy," he added. Owusu-Ansah said the bicycle works like a gas bike for long journeys, but emits less or no carbon dioxide and other carbon dioxide that pose a risk to the environment and people. The director of ShaQ said he made an electric bike suitable for the delivery of food and other medical devices such as medicines.

Owusu-Ansah Express says the company is starting to realize that using e-bikes can help save money on fuel and cut costs for consumers. "Exporting reduces fuel reliability and typically reduces operating costs by 50-60%. This will help determine the price for the end user,” he explained. He said the savings could flow back into the economy, creating more commuting jobs.

Owusu-Ansah said e-bikes don't have to buy gasoline or kerosene, they have to pay for electricity. As long as the plug has a socket that fits your motorcycle charging system, it says you can charge it almost anywhere. This makes electric motorcycles convenient and efficient. SDG 13. The Chief Executive Chairman has an important tool to identify this purpose because other international organizations such as the United Nations have been affected by climate change and reduce their impact. Effect of environment and life

Since the city grows and more areas become cities, the delivery service has become more important and use more motorcycles and other vehicles. And after. He said this could negatively affect the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 13. Osu Ansah also noted that the emergence of electric motorcycles could help reduce the impact of the service industry, if used appropriately, referring to the implementation of SDG 13.

In the future, Osu-Ansa said that Saka Express may continue to monitor the operation of both bikes to determine what to do next. For now, he said, it is clear that the use of e-bikes can have a positive impact on the industry and efforts will be made to increase that number.


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