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Setup task force to safeguard water bodies: Tata Sarpong appeals to Chief executive


An attractiveness has been conducted to President Tata Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to form a national task pressure to protect streams and water body in the country. The President of the Friends of Rivers and Drinking water Bodies, Nana Kwabena Dwomo Sarpong, who made the attractiveness on World Drinking water Day (March 21), said the rate at which streams and water body were being damaged by human activities was very damaging. The expansion, this individual noted, required a means of safeguarding the natural resources from activities such as unlawful exploration, sand winning and development.

Speaking to the Daily Visual, Nana Sarpong mentioned that the pattern would also weaken effective socio-economic development. Tata Sarpong said when unlawful mining, which led to the large destruction of land across the country was getting away from hand, the situation was brought under control with the formation of a National Task Pressure. “ Incidentally, our water bodies and rivers which are as important as our lands are still being damaged through those activities of unlawful miners, chain-saw operators, sand those who win and private land developers but absolutely nothing has been done to stop the perpetrators from performing their nefarious activities, ” Nana Sarpong said.

He also indicated concern about the use of chemicals by unlawful miners as part of their procedures of refining gold ore in rivers, stating such actions do not only eliminate aquatic life but additionally have devastating impact on those who measured on such streams for farming and other domestic utilization. “For the sake of our future era, the government particularly and Ghanaians, generally, should form a united front to combat the nuisance, ” he mentioned.

Nana Sarpong also expressed concern about the failure of officials from the Lands Department and the Environmental Safety Agency (EPA) to carry out their mandate of safeguarding rivers and drinking water bodies over the years. “They have turned a sightless eye to private land developers who have been impeding on rivers and water bodies in the many communities in Ghana, leading to flooding at the very least rain storm. Sadly, yet , such people are generally not afflicted by the avalanche because their places of abode are far from areas they operate their businesses, ” they lamented.

“ I have had personal communications with officials of the Lands Office and the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY on a regular basis on what must be done to stop private land developers, especially fuel station employees and other business personalities who have been encroaching on water bodies and reserved areas nonetheless they always give worthless excuse that their hands are small because those who build on such areas are recognized by people from higher authority”.


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