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Russia-Ukraine War, Global Crisis

Russia has deployed more than 100,000 troops near  the Ukrainian border in recent months, but has denied plans for aggression. However, he said he could take unspecified military action if the demands were not met, such as banning Ukraine from  joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  The United States and its allies have warned that any aggression will lead to severe sanctions. 

 But  on February 24, Russia launched a devastating attack on Ukraine. After occupying the Black Sea city of Kherson in southern Ukraine, it bombed the city center and brought about 44 million European democracy by air, land and sea while approaching the capital Kyiv. , Leading to a mass outflow of refugees. 

 Invasion rages at Ten days after the war, Russian troops ruled Europe's largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine after being hit by a shell. A fire broke out after the Zaporizhia factory was bombarded by Russian troops. The United Nations nuclear monitoring agency said radiation levels and reactor safety  were  not compromised. President Vladimir Putin denied invading his neighbor for months, but then broke the peace agreement and unleashed what Germany called the "Putin War", north, east and south of Ukraine. Dispatched an army to Ukraine. 

 As the death toll increases, Russian leaders have been accused of destroying peace in Europe. What happens after that can endanger the  entire security structure of the continent. Putin's TV Speech In a television speech before dawn on 24 February, President Putin declared, "Russia feels safe and cannot exist because of the constant threat from modern Ukraine," and shortly after the airport. From Russia, where the military headquarters was attacked and tanks and troops rolled, Crimea attached to Russia and its ally, Putin. Fighters are currently bombing big cities. 

 Russia refuses to use the terms war and aggression. Much of his leader's justification for this was false or unreasonable. President Putin argued that he aimed to "demilitarize and demilitarize" Ukraine with the goal of protecting those facing bullying and genocide. 

 Russia blame Ukraine 

Putin has frequently accused Ukraine of being hijacked by militants since being expelled in 2014 after pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych protested his rule for months. Assist separatists fighting Ukrainian troops in a war that  claimed the lives of 14,000 people in the eastern part of the rebellion that occupied southern Crimea and retaliated. Russia has long opposed the Ukrainian reconciliation with the European Union and NATO, the Western defense and military alliance. In announcing Russia's invasion, he accused NATO of threatening "our historic future as a nation." 

 How far does Russia go? 

 It is now clear that Russia is occupying a large city and trying to overthrow the  democratically elected Ukrainian government. President Zelensky said he had been warned. "The enemy has named me  number one target. My family is Goal 2." Russia's stated goal is to free Ukraine  from oppression and "purify the Nazis", but Putin's long-term ambitions for Ukraine are unknown, but he opposes trying to occupy Ukraine. , Dismissed the UK charges in January. Parent Kremlin doll. According to  unconfirmed intelligence reports, he intends to divide the country into two. 

 Severe resistance 

 President Putin faces severe resistance from the highly hostile masses, but he has shown that he is ready to bomb private areas to reach his goals. There is no imminent threat to Russia's Baltic neighbors, but NATO has strengthened its defenses just in case. Prior to the invasion, Russia's public focus was always on territories owned by  rebels backed by eastern Russia, but that changed when President Putin granted their independence.  He just revealed that they no longer consider them part of Ukraine. He revealed that he upheld their claim to far more Ukrainian territory. The self-proclaimed People's Republic accounts for just over one-third of Donetsk or Luhansk, with the rest being rebels. 

 How dangerous is this invasion of Europe? 

 These are terrible times for Ukrainians, bombs have been dropped on cities and civilians are rushing to cold valera bomb shelters. Hundreds of people have already died  in what Prime Minister Olaf Scholz called the "War of Putin." Not only civilians, but also soldiers. The Russian attack has allowed hundreds of thousands of people to flee across the Ukrainian border. Large inflows have been seen in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Slovakia, but it is estimated that more than 7 million people could be evacuated in the EU. 

 NATO has deployed thousands of troops in the Baltic States and Poland, activating some of its much larger rapid reactionary forces for the first time. NATO doesn't say where to go, but some  go to Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia. At the same time, Western countries are targeting Russia's economy, financial institutions and individuals. 

 Russia, Ukraine 

 The Russian army is one of the most powerful countries in the world, far superior to Ukraine  in terms of personnel, equipment and weapons, but in terms of scale Ukraine is Europe except for the European part of Russia. It is the largest country on the continent. After World War I, it became a nation and  was the Soviet Republic until the collapse of the Soviet Union. On August 24, 1991, it officially declared  independence. 

 Ukraine gained independence 30 years  after the collapse of the Soviet Union and  has since struggled to fight corruption and fill deep internal divisions. The western region of Ukraine generally favored integration with Western Europe, while the  eastern part of the country favored closer ties with Russia.

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