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Put in force laws to lower deforestation: MP tendencies govt


The Part of Parliament for Gomoa East, Desmond De-graft Paitoo, has needed the enforcement coming from all laws and methods to curb against the law activities that derail the preservation of the forest. He / she said the country’s forests were under increasing threats such as against the law exploration, lumbering, logging, overgrazing, fuel wood removal and irregular producing which had triggered the country being rated as the 3 rd most deforested country out of 65 nations in a study done by the Foreign Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO).

Mr De-graft Paitoo made the statement on the floor of Legislative house on Friday in connection with the celebration of the Un (UN) Foreign Day of Natrual enviroment on the global theme “Forests and Sustainable Production and Consumption”. A global Forest Watch, he / she noted, had also indicated that between 2001 and 2019, Ghana lost 5. 5 per dime of tree cover and this in 2020, the state lost 136, 000 hectares of natural forest, similar to 82. 2 metric tonnes of Co2 emissions.

“This trend is upsetting and should not be allowed to continue for the reason that results in the drawing near years will be dreadful to the state, ” Mr De-graft Paitoo, who is additionally a member of the Parliamentary Pick Committee on Agronomie, Food and Powdered cocoa Affairs, added. He / she indicated that the theme for this year emphasised how forest-based innovations, learning resource efficiency, forest-based products and ecosystems services could play a role in a sustainable lifestyle and accelerate a transfer towards more ecological consumption and development in line with the

Sustainable Progress Goals (SDG) of the UN for good health, wellness and a change towards low co2 and green financial systems. He was of the view outside the window that though successive governments got made efforts to promote tree sowing and the achievement of numerous legal guidelines aimed at safeguarding the forests, the impact of such actions had been slower due to the rather weak observance of regulations.

This specific year’s celebration of the UN Global Day of Jungles will include a high-level panel dialogue online at the Swedish Pavilion, The particular Forest Expo in Dubai with real time participants drawn from the meals and Culture Organisation (FA0), the International Union of Forest Research Companies (IUFRO), World Our elected representatives 2024 and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

The UN Basic Assembly declared Mar 21 as the International Day of Forests by way of a quality on November twenty-eight, 2012 to signify and raise understanding of the significance of all types of forests. The particular first-ever Forest Time was observed on March 21, 2013, on the theme “Forests and their Vital and Lifestyle Sustaining Role”.


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