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Program The "YOUSTART" program starts in April 4


Program The "YOUSTART" program starts in April 4, and the Government of the Ghana and the Government said that the Ghana Government is "YouSTart" and  is ready to be LED in April this year.  According to the Finance Secretary, Ken Ovoriatta, Youth Entrepreneur Psychiatric Program is launched when it was released, capital, learning, technology and mentor, capital, learning, technical skills and mentors to help themselves. 

 Wednesday, March 2, 2012, on Wednesday, the program's pilot stage, said that he solved participants in the president of the workplace at the president of the workplace, said that the program is expected to eliminate the main obstacles on the growth of Ghana's growth, Ghana Include whether you are wide and expanding Ghana for the limit. "Obathan PA" Processes the program. 

 "I believe that  through a coordinated approach, young people believe in the removal of unemployment and support and support our sight of our sight for" Ghana External Assistance "to the  resources to make human capital Ghana. Our fate in our own hands and decides to go to anyone  when it becomes vision of vision. 

 "So today, the government acts as a plan  to achieve their ambitions. . Our strategy is  simple and diligent people eating local business and supporting existing business. "The direction of government policy  to achieve our vision is to create an Angunin economy. In this regard, the government continues to strengthen the relationship between stakeholders in the education market in the education market and financial, technology and technology for  young entrepreneurs The private sector is well-created because it provides access to the market. 

 This program adds a job for the sheep. 

 This program is a GEA (GEA), national entrepreneurship and innovation program (NEIP) Financial institutions, the financial institutions of partners 'partners' partners 'partners' partners will be implemented  for the next three years. The Otte Late helps the government accelerate job creation and ultimately create additional  jobs for Ganzians for the next three years It will be. 

 Especially, "Youstart" will support youth enterprises with a soft loan that will help you expand a firing (especially young graduates and school graduates) and small businesses. Starter package (soft loans associated with equipment acquisition) provide 50,000 in GH ¢ for individuals and GH ¢ 100 000 for association and groups. The discount rate for SMEs in financial institutions is a standardized credit package  between GH ¢ up to 400,000. 

 This includes portals that ensure technologies, corporate support and business advisory services for young enterprises, provide access to competitive credit and departure packs, and promoting "digital connections" between youth companies and other companies, including portals We provide access to the business market. related. Agency. 


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