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Professional electrical training

As part of this partnership, Siegel Ghana Electronic Retail Company Limited launched a consumer education program to build national leadership. This training facilitates knowledge transfer so that interested parties can expand the world of modern technology in electrical and electronic engineering. It also helps you strengthen your electrical skills to improve your problem-solving skills in everyday customer relationships. Abigit Dixit, CEO of Siegel Ghana Limited, expressed her remarks in an interview with Accra Graphics Business during a meeting with Indian firm HPL Electric and Power Limited.

Siegel is a leading supplier of HPL products in Ghana. To discuss. The meeting allowed Siegel and HP executives to gather feedback from their suppliers to address the issues they face in selling their products. Around 35 suppliers from the large regions of Accra, Volta and Oti attended the conference. Dixit said his clothing is educational to ensure he learns problem-solving skills related to electrical work. He explained that now that the world is witnessing an increasing use of technology and is moving faster, such training ensures that recipients are not left behind.

The CEO also pointed out that many local electrical engineers today lack the expertise, making it difficult to compete with consumers around the world. "HPL products have manufactured five-year-old electronic components for the Ghana market. Love our products as long as we organize a power generation position, finally pull finally, finally, finally burns burns. Keep in mind that Dixit. Mirind Garud, Vice President of Survoise Ghana Limited, and Abhishek Anand, Sales Manager (sales and marketing) HPL Electricity and Food Restrictions, the tightening market is used to introduce new HPL products. Designed on the basis of modern technology.

They focused on something, including a fan, different lines and automatic switches in new offers. HPL also produces electronic wire harnesses, measuring instruments, wires, wire harnesses, electrical wiring, LED lighting (LED) and solar energy. anxiety. Some sellers have described special buttons and HPL management. I also mentioned the strict demand for the market of HPL products to be a known product in Korea. When he first explained that he first had consumer, especially local power, they rejected HPL products as they were not used to them.

The seller confirmed that HPL management had to be transparent to improve product reputation. Attendees who raised concerns at the conference included Volta, Ooty, Director of Demsack Engineering Works Limited in Greater Accra, Edem Sackey, General Manager of Taller Electricals, and Solomon Darko, Director of Marketing for Miracle. CEO of Electric, Moses Dzani, Nat Amegashie, Natmega Investment Limited, All Opera Square and Accra.


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