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PekiAvetile: 4 people killed in a car accident After midnight on Monday


PekiAvetile: 4 people killed in a car accident After midnight on Monday (March 14, 2022), four people were killed in a Mercedes-Benz bus-Renault truck collision in the PekiAvetile section of the East Corridor Road. According to police, when the tragedy broke out, a truck loaded with cement bags, number GT 69 15, was on its way from Akura to Dunbai with a passenger on board. Upon arriving on part of the road in front of the 

 Peki University of Education (GOVCO), the truck head-on collision with the Benz GR1967F bus on its way from the Oti district to Akra, carrying food  and passengers. A Mercedes-Benz bus capsized in the middle of the road when a truck left the road and collided with a store a few meters away.  DSP Effia Tenge, spokesman for the Volta Regional Police, said four adults (including three women) on  the Mercedes-Benz bus died on the spot. 

 She said  police had so far confirmed the identity of the woman while efforts were underway to identify the remaining deceased. However, the spokesman did not reveal the identity  of the deceased. 

 DSP Tenge said  the deceased's body was taken to the morgue of the Peki Government Hospital for storage and autopsy. In the meantime, she said seven other people with varying degrees of injury, including the truck driver, were being treated at the same hospital. The road has  been opened and is now accessible, DSP Tenge said.


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