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"Parliament is not beyond the control of the Supreme Court" Akufo Addo


Nana Addo Dankwa AkufoAddo said the Supreme Court's decision on the vice-chairman's voting rights cannot constitute a judicial reasoning for Parliamentary activities. It states. According to President AkufoAddo,  the proposal that Parliament is out of the control of the Supreme Court aims to give the impression that Parliament itself is a law  taken  to read the Constitution of our country. That's what it says  in black and white. The state legislative powers granted to Parliament are governed by the provisions of the Constitution. All institutions in the State of Ghana, including myself as chief engineer, are  subject to the teachings of the Constitution. " 

 He continued: "There is no body in the state of Ghana that goes beyond the national constitution, which leads to what we have been trying to avoid for a long time, the concentration of chaotic power in our state. Would. We don't want that, and this constitution was created to never happen again. "President AkufoAddo said Thursday, March 10, 2022, media on the sidelines of the Dubai Expo 2020. I announced it in an interview. Enoch Darfah Frimpong · Full Audio President Akufo Addo on Supreme Court decision 

 Surprised by the "public energy" lost in the debate, he welcomed the unanimous consent of the  Supreme Court's decision, given that it is the most emphasized way  the Supreme Court can speak. In reference to the proposal that Congress is beyond the control of the Supreme Court on issues of interpretation, the President pointed out: . Indeed, in Ghana he said that the first major constitutional case dealing with parliamentary work delayed the parliamentary decision that was explicitly banned by then-Supreme Attorney General Frederick Kwesi Appalu vs. Tafur. He said it was the case  of the Attorney General. Constitution from review of minutes in parliament. 

 "And that is the reason for the late Dr. Amoako Tuffuor brought this issue to the Supreme Court, which states that  the activities of any institution in the  Republic that violates the Constitution are subject to court authority and court explanation. Was very clear. " President AkufoAddo continues: I can't get over it. Everyone has jurisdiction, but those jurisdictions are subject to the operation of the Constitution, and we are pleased that the Constitution has been very strongly declared  by the Supreme Court. I support the Supreme Court to continue  its activities. "


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