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My Own Koku Is Lost Bobi Ansa "Cries" Begging To Come Home


  Nana Kwabna TV host Bobi Ansa is his friend and "brother" Mr. He passionately appealed to  Koku Anidoho to return to their ranks as  loyal members of the National Democratic Party (NDK). He says that his "brother" is lost and must return to his first love. On Okay FM's Ade Akye Abia, emotional Bobi Ansah said that his friendship with Koku Anyidoho is forever and he knows his worth as an NDC member. 

 “Anidoho Koku is a good politician and an intelligent person who can do a lot for the party. Loyal National Democrat MP. "I am very sad that this is happening to a friend of my heart, but I will pray that Mr. Anidoho will return to our group because Mr. Anidoho refused to understand that those with whom he was holding his hand had nothing  to offer. He, 

  Accra FM host was of the opinion that it is necessary to express dissatisfaction with the poor leadership of the nuclear power plant government in relation to  the socio-economic development of our country. The leadership of the nuclear power plant administration, even if it costs my friends and relatives, "he added. Anidoho Koku sued Anse Bovi and NDC activist. . . Captain GHc1m 

  Atta Mills Institute CEO and former  National Democratic Party (NDC) deputy secretary Samuel Koku Anyidoho sued his "friend" Nan Kwaben Bobi Anse. He  also accused a series of NDC activists popularly known as "JM Ba Kwadwo" on certain charges against him. After confirming the OK FM 'Adea Keiavia' lawsuit, he filed a lawsuit saying that  his friend's refusal and apology were useless. 

 "The statement in question is not the author of Nan Kwaben Bobi Anse, but  reproduced the statement from the station's program described as 'Pendream TV'. The YouTube video  was distributed on behalf of  certain J. M. Ba Kvadvo," said 



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