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My block factory was closed by the NPP government-Asiedu Nketia


 Johnson Asiedu Nketia, General Secretary of the Opposition National Democratic Congress, accused the government of deliberately targeting him as a target of financial persecution. A man, commonly referred to as a mosquito general, claimed that the government  deliberately crippled him  by running his business on rocks. He announced on March 2, 2022 at Starr Chat on Accrabased Starr FM. The four block factories are suffering from failing to meet their financial obligations to the government's cooperating contractors. 

 When asked if life in the opposition was hell, he replied: Change whether we are in government or against it. "The only area  I find painful is the conscious effort by the ruling government to destroy your business with the idea that if you are financially weak  you would ask them.  "My store has been destroyed. Everyone knows that I'm interested in making blocks. All four block factories I ran are broken. One is a foot. I'm dragging, I've completely stopped production with three, "he revealed. 

 He was associated with an incident in Dodwa's district council, which was delivering paving blocks to a contractor who was promised payment by the parliament after the urgent work was completed. General. Mosquito said his factory had completed and supplied blocks to the commissioned project. "But the congregation refused to pay the contractor, so I'm still unpaid." So all the money  I was supposed to spend to buy things is trapped. 

 He added that the planned incident was due to a clear promise that the project funds would come from a secure source of funding and that the congregation would pay before delivery. Asiedu Nketia said he had contacted two local government ministers, "nothing has happened yet." He emphasized: "I still don't feel like taking them to court."


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