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Minority Probe Straight into Death Of Of these Van Robbery Prospective foods


The  Minority in Parliament has filed a Non-public Members Motion dialling for a bi-partisan probe into the circumstances that brought to the passing away of two law enforcement officials officers suspected to be involved in the recent of these van robberies. Relating to the Fraction, the circumstances leading to the taking pictures to death of the two Cop, Constable Reindorf Gyimah Ansah and Suerte Corporal Stephen Kwaku Nyame was outrageous, saying “We make use of this with a nip of salt. ”

“As a liable Minority charge with a responsibility of oversight over the Police decided to file a private members motion seeking to have a bi-partisan enquiry at the direction of the Speaker of Parliament to ├╝bung the circumstances ultimately causing the shooting to death of two Policemen. ” Mister James Agalga, the Ranking Member on Defence and Indoor Committee, disclosed this at a press conference in Legislative house House over the Minority’s worry over the killing of the two Cop attached to the bullion van robberies witnessed in 2021 and 2022.

Mister Agalga said the killing of both the policemen had ended in a situation where law enforcement administration would be denied vital evidence in their quest to disentangle the mystery adjacent the bullion truck robberies in the country.

He said what made the situation more being concerned is that the officers implicated were among those now dead, adding that “this is what makes the query, question, inquiry, interrogation very compelling. ” “We are now saddled with a situation where those who are expected to protect us all are themselves interested in the commission payment of crime…that is very, very being concerned, ” he said. Mr Agalga also expressed concern about the calibre of officers that were recruited into the country’s security organizations.

“We have in times past lamented about the function of recruitment into our security organizations and that we made it very clear. Seems like we have granted our security organizations to be compromised by rogue elements. These are generally matters that need to be interrogated thoroughly in the population enquiry, ” he added. Mister Agalga said the public would not expect the Police government to investigate them selves an ideal matters.

They cited the Asawaase shooting incident as an example when seven souls were lost during a surgical procedure. The initial papier and the analysis by the law enforcement officers themselves wanted to whitewash the crime but following events resulted in the institution of the impartial probe and the results were surprising.

The report of the Police was in sharp comparison to what the independent probe which was instituted came away with. “We believe that it is important that we catch the initiative to investigate this issue independently and create strategies for human being policing… policing that would inure to the security of most of us, ” he said. The particular Police Administration, a couple of times ago, declared that they had apprehended some suspects in relation to the bullion van robberies, some of who are Police officials.

The Police in their press release signed by DCOP Kwasi Ofori, the Director-General of Law enforcement Communication, said two officers were in the custody of the authorities. The release indicated that the two Policemen were shot dead when the Police required them out on intelligence-led procedure to arrest various other accomplices. He alleged that while executing that one operation, there was great trade of fire, and the cause of the exchanges, the two officers regrettably died.


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