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Michael K. Obeng: Gorilla Glue's doctor signed a contract to build a pharmaceutical factory in Ghana


Dr. Globally recognized after removing gorilla glue from the hair of an African-American woman last year. Michael K. Oben, a Ghana-born Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, has reached an agreement with the Sushen Medicamentos PVT. LTD to build a pharmaceutical factory in Akwamu, eastern Ghana.  The facility, which will cost US $ 50 million to complete, will take approximately 14 months  and will be built on 100 acres of land granted  by Akwamu. ACCRA, DR. A partnership between  nine months after the start of the project in July 2022 was launched above the first stage of the project.

 When he is completed, plants are affordable, effective and effective and effective World Health Organization (WHO) high-blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, good international standards for treatment of malaria and pain Manufacturing practices (WHO) describe good manufacturing practices. The above drug desires to make a decisive contribution to suppress and decrease challenges and risks  with imposed imposed impeders from  China, India, India and Pakistan. 

 "The first stage of the project  is estimated between $ 5 to $ 800,000. Miko Pharma Objects, founders and CEO. "The main goal of  this exciting partnership is active in the African continent. Needless to say the economic impact, it is to strengthen pharmaceutical production in Africa  to improve public health disease. "The main goal of this exciting partnership is an active economic impact on the African continent Needless to say, it is to strengthen pharmaceutical production in Africa  to improve public health disease. "

 Sures, Tapanma's executive director, sushi, his clothes are general including production formulation It has been said that it is a dynamic global organization that ends a pharmaceutical service with a wide range of experiences in the development of high quality pharmaceuticals in the field of drugs. "If a pandemic teaches us something, it means that Africa is full of innovation and the African Continent has a great opportunity  to transform its healthcare system. With extensive experience in drug development, We are excited to be part of this vision, "Shah said.


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