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Kayayei, market women gain from health screening


To be able to mark the International Youth Day, typically the Bethel Osu 7th Day Adventist (SDA) Church youth ministry organised a health and fitness screening exercise intended for the Kayayei and even market women with the Osu Industry in Accra previous Saturday. The celebration dubbed, “Loving typically the Forgotten” was to be able to show wish to typically the community, especially typically the Kayayei as element of the church’s effort to effects the city they will operate in. Typically the Youth Leader, Kwaku Acheampong Aning mentioned the call to be able to action “be typically the sermon” was to be able to demonstrate the enjoy of God and even practice the genuine learned in house of worship.

“As Adventist young adults, we feel we have to tell the really like of God, show what we should learn within church by becoming the sermon as soon as every Saturday the year and inform the members it is not only getting to arrive at chapel to listen in order to the sermon yet practicing what a person hear in church” he stated The screening has been done by vision surgeons, general doctors and nurses through various hospitals that are members of the particular church, who utilized their skills in order to reach out towards the beneficiaries as these people filled the marketplace to get tested.

Mr Aning stated the Global Youngsters Day was the particular launch from the Youngsters Week of Plea, which came upon annually where each SDA youth team started the 7 days by serving their own communities. “All more than the world, each young Adventist will be going out nowadays to be the particular sermon” he additional He said the particular church started all those programmes in 2018 which, they desired to satisfy the Kayayei and market ladies in the Osu Market and discuss their love along with them. “This will be an total annual occasion that we set up around the Global Youngsters Day where the particular young folks inside the church are available and reach out there to the metropolis to show enjoy. This coming year, we wished to meet typically the men and women at typically the market and talk about our love using them, ” they added.

He discussed that to always be able to talk about their love and stay the sermon, that they decided on typically the health screening to be able to reach out to be able to about 200 men and women in the area and donate many items such while toiletries, clothes and even food. The initial Elder involving the church, Dernier-né Aryee said typically the church was with Osu a bit above 30 years and even the responsibility involving a church in a area was to be able to call and help make an impact, like seeing to typically the welfare of typically the testers.

He explained occasionally, the house of worship organised events just like that and this in the course of the pandemic, that they distributed some precisely what to men and women in their community. Mister Aryee noted of which it was typically the responsibility with the house of worship and every Roscoe to help their very own neighbours and “so in assisting these people (Kayayei), were aiding the community”.


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