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'It's a Struggle With regard to Power' - Allotey Jacobs Reveals Inspiration Behind Speaker's/Minority Feedback On SC Judgement

Social commentator, Bernard Allotey Jacobs, has lambasted the Audio of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin and the Fraction members in Legislative house over their feedback about the Supreme Court's verdict on Mouthpiece Speakers' right to take part in decision-making in Legislative house. On Wednesday, Drive 9, the Great Court ruled that a "Deputy Audio is qualified for be counted as a part of Legislative house for quorum" and can "vote and experience the decision of Parliament".

Next the court decision, Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin described the verdict as a ''reckless incursion''. Typically the Speaker, issuing an argument on the lording it over, said; ''I have resisted the attraction of making a touch upon the wisdom of the Great Court on the issue of the voting rights of Deputy Speakers when presiding. But the unfortunate and myopic comment of the President has required me to let it out. Typically the SC decision, is to say the least, not only an absurdity but a reckless attaque into the remit of Parliament. Typically the trend of unanimity is equally uncomfortable. It doesn’t help explore and grow our legal tendu. The President’s review is myopic and unfortunate. Just should go to worsen the schism between the Executive and Parliament''.

The Speaker also encouraged the customer to travel for a review arguing that ''the impartiality of the Speaker, Mouthpiece Speaker or Presiding Officer has already been tresusured and fought against for at this time country throughout our democratic development. Mr. Chief executive, the issue being discussed is not about Parliament being above the legislation. Everybody knows that Legislative house is not above the law. The particular Executive and the Judiciary are similarly not over a law. The problem being discussed is the political question doctrine. It required centuries to fine detail out the hair strands of this cort├Ęge and the concepts are settled as to when and exactly how this closed guide could be opened up. Please, I encourage the Plaintiff to visit for a review''.

Making his distribution on Peace FM's 'Kokrokoo', Allotey Jacobs expressed his extreme dislike for the made by the Speaker and the time for occasions in the Aug House of Legislative house. He believed all the happenings which have characterized the Legal House is a mere struggle for power by the NDC Minority. Based on him, the goal of the Group is to help make the regulating New Patriotic Celebration (NPP) led by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo unpopular to Ghanaians, so they vote contrary to the party in the next general polls.

"It's challenging for power. This is the strategy, a few go ahead and get it done so that, by 2024, Ghanaians will be given up with the NPP and the NPP is also making little [little] errors which they cannot manage. So, it emboldens the resistance however strictly talking, the government does its best, inch he stated. Allotey Jacobs called on Ghanaians not to be decieved by the political battle but instead to unite behind a common goal. "This is now time for us, as Ghanaians, ahead with each other as one and ensure this country survives, " this individual said.


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