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It is the greatest achievement in life to have personal toilet - Mzbe


 Ghana Aka Akuaa, Sarcastically In IG, she was not revealed on new videos that had nothing in life. restroom. Her video was accepted the familiar enemies of Diamond ACPIA and showed a direct response to the troll ring that has received the familiar enemies of Diamond ACPIA, which had achieved everything with all occupations recently. 

 Mzbel argues that the restroom mentioned is the only place to discover comfort and attend frequently. She said  she had time. She could live at least to the bathroom because she begged God to succeed in God to succeed. "This message was time to tell you how to make a fake account to insult me ​​and how it failed. This message goes to those who say I have achieved nothing. They go on and on and make a long list of things I think  I should already own. 

 Today I have already found everything I am looking for in life. I grew up in Jamestown and the house  I lived in didn't have a bathroom. I always went to public restrooms with very long lines. It can be very burdensome because I am shaking, but I have no choice but to stand in line. When it's finally your turn to go,  someone tells you that you must go before you because the old man's condition is much worse. 

 I was angry and  vowed to have a bathroom someday. Today, I'm very proud of not standing in line, not buying paper, and not putting too much pressure on it. This has always been my biggest achievement. To my critics, your vision is not mine."


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