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I'm glad that the Supreme Court verdict is reconfirmed to the first sub-speaker of Quorum.


I'm glad that the Supreme Court verdict is reconfirmed to the first sub-speaker of Quorum. The right to tell the vote will decide to count as part of the quorum for decisions in the house. He  was glad that the verdict was given a clarity, and I was pleased that  a certain order of parliament is ambiguity and the casting adjustment adjustment adjustment of the secondary speaker. Click here to tweet 

Apex Court decisions he personally accept when he claimed that he claimed once before 2022 economic accounting approval on November 30, 2022, 2022. I confirmed the decision. "I did not participate in the speech poll, but I argued that it was counted as a member of a parliament that represents a quorum before the decision was made," he said. 

 Judgment was a speech of rich parliament, after the Supreme Court rule of Wednesday (March 9, 2012), Mr. Ossouse said. I checked the position  I took and I found that very refreshing. "I congratulate the courage to make this decision, as the former Speaker of Parliament will call me shortly after this decision and push the boundaries of the law," he said. 

 Adopt Parliamentary Guide: New Patriotic Party (NPP) Rep. Bekwai said a new issue in the House of Representatives is at the forefront today  due to the number of parliamentarians in both countries. .. House. As a result, he stated that whenever there was  disagreement over issues that interfered with the home's decision-making process, he would interpret the rule of  law as he understood. 

 "People who disagree with me are encouraged to boldly state their position and, if necessary, refer them to the appropriate body, such as the Supreme Court, to guide us," he said. rice field. Osei Owusu said he firmly believes that the Supreme Court's ruling is a parliamentary guide to areas where the House of Representatives' procedural rules are ambiguous. 

 Chair must be impartial 

 He and Majority Leader Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu qualify the Vice-Chair to vote during the presidential election He pointed out that he  often discusses whether there is. The majority of leaders insisted that the Vice-Chairman cast a decision vote. "In light of the provisions of the Constitution, I agree with the leader of the majority party, but  refrained from making such statements in the House of Representatives because it is not explicitly stated in the rules of procedure and the Constitution. 

" If anyone above made this statement, I would prefer it. I'm very happy that the clarity was given, but it's not surprising. " He clarifies that the text of the Constitution, especially Article 109, does not allow the Vice-Chairman to hold the original vote, but in the case of the Chairman, the Chairman should have neither the original vote nor the decision vote. He explained that he said it would not be. 

 "As a matter of course, the Vice-Chairman wins a  decision vote. This Supreme Court ruling seems to confirm this strong position  and I agree with it," he said. He pointed out that no one can be a vice-chairman unless they belong to a party in the House of Representatives and are part of a team. 

 "Article 96 of the Constitution requires you to swear as a member of parliament before being elected vice-chairman who is expected to belong to either side. "It is  a neutral person. No, but everyone who once presided over must be fair, and speakers are required by law to do so, "he said.


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