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ICGC donates GH¢200,000 to Ghana Psychiatric Hospital through 'Life Walk'


The International Central Evangelical Church (ICGC) on Saturday presented a check for GH¢200,000 to the Department of Mental Health to improve the condition of mental hospitals in Ghana. Funding was raised through the church's annual Life Walk. This is a 12 kilometer walk along various streets in the enclave of Tethyzead, home to the new campus of Christ Temple East Church. Through its founder, Reverend Mensaotaville, ICGC has raised awareness of the need for increased mental health support that is otherwise unaddressed.

In a presentation to the Mental Health Authority (MHA), in 2019 the Church purchased electroconvulsive therapy equipment from each of Ghana's three largest mental health facilities and donated 105,000 masks to the use by patients and doctors. ended. , and other mental assistants the following year. Thousands respond to the charm of the church, not only raising funds, but also not only increasing the fund, but also left FAO. Similarly, common supervisors, pastor's Autobal, and his wife, Fara Hotel, priests and other mental health employees.

During copper scale music, Christ started from eastern Eastern Temple, returned to the campus of the new church in the military cemetery, and then retracted the hospital and shochu. ICGC Pastor General Anthony Kujo talked to the church and expressed thanks to the people who were actually involved. He said that participants participated in regular exercise and fitness system. Rev. Mansa Otabil reiterated that the church's message is embodied in the overall development of its members, society and the entire community, adding that the church is committed to developing the mind, soul and body.

He praised mental health officials, especially frontline health workers, for their selfless sacrifices under less-than-ideal conditions. Reverend Otabil also encouraged the march to break through social isolation and reconnect by adhering to Covid-19 protocols, urging anyone who has not yet been vaccinated to do so. Rev. Cudjoe, on behalf of Rev. Mansa Otabil, donated 200,000 yen to mental health staff. Dr. Panaman Abaw, director of the Accra Mental Hospital, thanked the church for its continued support of mental health.

He said that since the International Crisis Management Commission (ICGC) decided to lead the stigma reduction initiative, many agencies have come together to support Ghana's mental health. Dr. Apao sought continued support for mental health services in Ghana.


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