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I slept with over 100 men at the age of 32 - Abena Korkor

A 43-year-old social media influencer and mental health advocate Abena Korkor has  over 100  in her lifetime duvet. He says he had sex with a man.  In her opinion, she does not consider it shameful. Because if she were a man, society wouldn't look at her from her point of view. Talking about why she did this, a social media influencer said she wanted to get married and fall in love. She also had the vision that these men thought she helped her achieve something, but that never happened. 

 I was 32 years old and slept with over 100 men. That's not a shame. When a man sleeps with more than 1,000 women, there's nothing shameful, why me? I had a vision I wanted to get married and fall in love. I don't let anyone break my heart and I don't say that all human beings are equal. I'm still married and want a child. There is the will of God. Many women want to  see a rich man and get married, but I don't. 

 When  host Jerry Justice asked her if she had  an abortion, Abena Korkor said "yes" given the number of men she encountered. She explained  she swore that she wouldn't have children for a man she didn't want to be with. She added that a profitable friendship with her  man made her pregnant, but she stopped her baby because of the condition of her relationship. I  had an abortion once. I made profitable friends. And the man told me he wasn't ready yet. I didn't love me and couldn't be with a man who had children. 

 However, advocates of mental health believe in marriage and are open to finding men who are better than traditional Ghanaian men. According to her, sleeping with more than 100 men does not mean that she cannot find a suitable spouse to spend the rest of her life with. A man who wants to get married and become the father of his children looks beyond that. It's a superficial idea. Do you think he doesn't deserve love and care because there is a woman abused by a man? 

 I am not chasing traditional Ghanaians. They have so many ego, they do not educate themselves and are limited to social norms. We want the people of the Diaspora to go home, but we don't accept change. When a woman speaks out, a man is threatened. why? She asked. 


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