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I don't mind being the fourth wife of a polygamous man-AbenaKorkor


I don't mind being the fourth wife of a polygamous man-AbenaKorkor

 Mental Health Defender AbenaKorkor is interested in getting married and having a baby in the near future. She has sexual relations with over 100 people, but she said it was her dream to marry some ambitious men. When talking about Adom FM's Ofie Kwanso on Friday, Miss Korkor said she disagrees with the term monogamy because she doesn't reflect the concept of sexual reality. 

 "In the future, I will marry a knowledgeable and respectable person. Even if he marries 100 women and I am 101 years old, I am fine. This is because my wife respects men. To respect each other as much as we do. "The second wife does not see me and does not respect me because we all know our role. We see our strength and  are delegated. Realistic in Ghana I don't want to be. Men need women everywhere. When he travels to afflict him wherever he is, "she insisted. 

 Embodying this theory, she  said she became fond of her travels from the age of 12 and  decided to marry four men from each country in which she lived. According to her, her close associates know that she wants to marry four men because of her high lust and her desire to be spoiled by her man. "I want someone who can take care of me, sexually, financially, intellectually, etc. If I don't know alone, I will marry many people in the country I go to." In a country practicing polygamy, she said India was her ideal choice based on freedom.


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