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How to refinance a student loan


Refinancing student loans has significant advantages over other types of debt such as mortgages. This is because prepaid loan formation fees are extremely rare. Most lenders do not charge student loan refinancing fees, so it's easy to compare offers. It's about finding the cheapest interest rates or  ideal loan terms. 

 The refinancing application is fairly easy to complete, but you need to include supplementary documents to verify your income and identity. Also, to qualify for refinancing, you need a sound credit score (typically 650 or higher) and  a debt-to-revenue (DTI) ratio  of typically 50% or lower. However, these numbers will vary from lender to lender. As your financial profile improves,  lower DTIs and higher credit scores can help you qualify for lower interest rates. 

 "It's not just  credit ratings that affect the eligibility of personal loans. They will also see information that isn't in your credit history," says Cantrowitz. Lenders will want to know your income and how much you are in your current job. "In general, lenders will want to know that you have been with the same employer for at least two years," he says. This can be a dilemma for recent graduates who do not have a strong credit history or high income. 

 Samantha Sands, 22, in San Diego, California, graduated from $ 120,000 on a private student loan with an interest rate of 7% to 10.5%, and  it was difficult to find a lender who would be willing to refinance her debt. “It was a pretty nightmare,” says Sands. She says she couldn't make enough money to qualify for her refinancing and had to add her mother as her co-signer. Still, she couldn't qualify for a low interest rate. She was able to reduce her monthly payments by $ 600 by refinancing for a longer loan term of 15 years. 

 If a co-signer is needed to refinance a student loan or get a better interest rate, it is important that the co-signer understands that obligation. “The co-signer is legally responsible for the entire loan, just like the borrower,” says Minsky. "If the borrower stops paying, the co-borrower is at stake." 


 Refinancing a student loan can be a minor issue22. If you have a high income and a good credit history, you are more likely to qualify for a lower interest rate. However, borrowers who are most in need of  financial relief that student loan refinancing can provide are  least likely to qualify for a significant transaction. However, refinancing can be a worthwhile move, even with a small financial benefit, as you can refinance your student loan without paying  a prepayment. Be careful not to give up the valuable protection that comes with a federal loan without taking it seriously.


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