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Gunman Attacks Dakpema Chief's Palace


Police have launched an investigation into 15 gunmen who attacked Tamare's Dakpema Chief's Palace on Monday morning. Five people, including Dakpema's chief Naa Bawa Fuseini, have been injured and are being treated at  Tamale Hospital. According to reports, the shooters attacked the palace around 5 am. 

When the chief of Dakpema heard the ammunition, he was reportedly  out to ask what was happening, and the shooter was alleged to have shot him. He was beaten on his leg. Among the injured are two women and two men, one of whom is the Deputy Chief. According to 4,444 witnesses, the shooters wore masks when they attacked. You can see blood stains and ammunition holes  on the wall of the palace. 

 In Tamale, there was a tension between Tamale's chiefs, Dakpema Palace and Glucpenaa Palace, for some time. Glucpenaa holds the same position while the Dakpema chief claims the title of Tamale chief. With this, the monarch of Dougbon issued a declaration stipulating the obligations of the two palaces. Northern Regional Police Headquarters detective Bernard Baba Ananga said in a radio interview with City FM in Akra: Less than 5 other people were injured. 

 "So we mobilized immediately and drove to the place. The subordinates patroling from the night shift went to the area immediately after hearing the shot. When they got there, People had already left the scene and  saw a hole in the palace. According to witnesses, 15 people on the Toyota Hilux ambushed the palace and shot, with the other four  and the chief. It was a wound that was shot on itself. Tamare Education Hospital  We are still investigating and gathering information. We have put out a man hunt for these 15 men, we think we will find them. The community is calm as we are currently patroling the police. "


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