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Govt to pursue recommendations for health and safety in mining Minister

Minister of Natural Resources of Canada Samuel Abu Jinapor, who follows up on health and safety recommendations in the mining industry, said the government will follow the findings and recommendations of the  Health and Safety Regime Review Committee, which consists of five members chaired by Professor Amankwah. Up the  industry. When Jinapor received the Commission's report  on Monday, March 14, 2022, the government said it would thoroughly investigate the report and  the latter would follow up on the team's findings and recommendations. 

 "The Government takes the findings and recommendations of this report very seriously and follows up to the latter. Of course, we  study the report and make its own conclusions and views on the content of the report. Withdraw.' There is no doubt that most, if not all,  of the findings and recommendations of this committee will be considered and implemented,' he said. 

  Jinapor is convinced that given the expertise of the Commission's chairman and members,  the findings of the report presented will  be a valuable asset leading to issues related to the health and safety regime of Ghana's mining sector. I added that. He said these recommendations would be implemented to prevent the Appiatse case from happening again. 

 "What we want to secure is a useful mining sector to serve people, contribute to the national economy, be safe, and  not repeat what happened at Appiatse, and just prevent it. The Minister emphasizes He.and reaffirms President Akufo Addo's government commitment  to increase transparency in the management of the country and its natural resources, and the ministry has the highest level of completeness and fidelity. Of the government, which stated that he would continue to serve the country within the framework, he thanked the Commission for the extensive work done. 

 "We couldn't form a better team than we did with the expertise that the five people brought to the table. Expertise in different disciplines and a wealth of  experience in different disciplines. Was attended by Professor Richard Amankwa, Chairman of the Commission and Vice-President of the George Grant Mining Technology University (UMaT). Various organizations and specialized agencies to gather information to support the research work. Announced that they received 20 letters sent to. 

 He also announced that in order to get the job done, they also have a committee on systems for tracking explosives, fire extinguishing, and movements of explosives nationwide. He added that he hired a captain from a particular industry to give a presentation. He  believes that the findings and recommendations  are generally appropriate, but given the dynamic nature of the mining industry, it is appropriate to review and adjust these findings from time to time to keep them up to date. Said.


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