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GOV `t reports an explosion on appiatse, but ...


Samuel Abu JINPORA said that if the government needed a message, he was ready to post a message on disaster attacks. However, depending on it, it will be more useful to announce the report on the health and security committees that have a wider obligation, and that it assumes the recommendation of the mining division reform. The government can not hide the fact that two previous reports will not be publicly used, and cover the national mining sector because it is a technical report as a rule. 

 Jinorr, gave the urgent questions about urgent questions about whether the conclusions and recommendations of natural disaster reports are disclosed. January 20, After the disaster occurred after the disaster, the truck transfers the explosive data to the appiatse, and transmits the mineral commission to the regulator, minerals and mining rules (explosives), 2012 (Li 2177) presenting your report I did. 

 "When this problem is the complexity of this problem, I am a.Benjamin Arie (Benjamin Arie) to make an independent investigation to make an independent investigation to make an independent investigation, . "February 1, February 1, February 1, 2022. The report of the Report Committee. Two reports, two reports, are a specific violation of regulation in MAXAM in the production, storage and / or transportation of explosives. I have established. "He said. The core of Ginapor is the core of the violation, the core of the violation, the core of the exploded investigator can not guarantee the explosives transport managed by the certified explosive officer, and the provisions of the provisions (2) (A) minerals and mining (explosive substances), 2012 (Li 2177). 

 MAXAM includes an activity that includes explosives (2) (B) L.I. We could not guarantee that it could not be performed only by 2177 and contradictory competent authentication. Sudan 11 (1) Li 2177. The committee installs the fire fighting system in explosive vehicles among MAXAM approved, and uses two vehicles, and advantage of explosives  transportation more securely with the use of two vehicles. To use siren to prevent road users, two police officers, ribbons and other demiluaries, road users and full health and safety regulations in the Mining Industry.

 The health and security committees of the survey are established and have been established to consider the entire health and safety system of the mining industry and  to recommend the government for legislation, policy and other reforms. The committee will submit his report to a ministry in the near future, and the  recommendations that the industry needs to be safer and better to make the industry will be implemented.


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