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Ghana Races To Match SDGs

Ghana is implementing impressive methods to meet all the Sustainable Growth Goals (SDGs), the Chief of Employees, Akosua Frema Osei-Opare, has said. To offer the goals, she said, the country needed typically $45 billion dollars per year until 2030. Additionally, she said, there is the need to ensure macroeconomic stability and the proper governance regime for sustainable human development.

Mrs Osei-Opare said this when the lady presented a document on: “Our Planet at a Three-way Tipping Point: The particular Urgency of SDGs Action”, on the 2nd day of the Ho Edition of the SDGs Day trip at the Ho Technical University (HTU) last Tuesday.. The particular three-day event, which took off final Monday, was on the theme: “Leave Nobody Behind”.

Energetic initiatives

Akosua Frema Osei-Opare in a hearty exchange of greetings with Togbe Adza Osei MIRE, the Paramount Key of the Akoviefe Traditional Area. The particular Chief of Employees said while energetic efforts ended uphad been made to repair destruction done by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ghana and the world at large were faced with the kampfstark reality of the dangerous condition of the planet earth, as shown in the unparalleled within climatic conditions and ocean health.

She said variability in rainfall designs; drought and high temperatures posed a genuine risk to farming productivity and a threat to agri-business industrialisation drive. The lady noted that the top number of Ghanaians whose livelihood activities were directly connected to nature-based resources were highly prone to the results of climate change. “Sea level surge and tidal rise resulting from environment change pose existential threats to seaside settlements and environments, as recently experienced in Keta and neighbouring settlements in the Volta Area.

“With many of our critical facilities, such as olive oil and gas plant life, thermal power era, major highways and ports, as well as settlements and monuments, dotted together the coast, the potential financial and social cost of coastal erosion and tidal surge could be enormous, ” she added. In order to reverse that tendency, Mrs Osei-Opare anxious the advantages of decisive actions how to safeguard the ocean’s capacity to make and continue to deliver substantial economical, environmental and sociable value for individual development.

As a part of the High-Level Panel for a Sustainable Sea Economy, she said, Ghana was fully commited to sustainably controlling 100 % of its ocean. Pursuant to that, work would start immediately on the planning of any Sustainable Sea Arrange for the country, she announced.

Stakeholder involvement

Mrs Osei-Opare called on all stakeholders to positively get involved in the procedure and ensure its successful setup. She maintained that investing now in a sustainable sea economy would certainly enhance the lives and leads of everyone all around the country, since the sea provided many of the solutions for the sustainable development challenges facing the nation and all mankind. The Usa president Advisor on SDGs, Dr Eugene Owusu, said the goals sought protection for our planet, the development of prosperity, among other development goals, and must, therefore, be observed as an opportunity for better living conditions for all.

The realization of the SDGs, therefore, required a strong partnership involving the government, on the one hand, and civil society, the private sector, traditional rulers and instituto, on the other, he said.

Technological university helps

Typically the Vice-Chancellor of the HTU, Professor Dan Q. Honyenuga, said the ravages of COVID-19 provided an opportunity for the country to rebuild. He / she said the HTU was collaborating with the SDG Product at the Obama administration towards the achievements of the SDGs.


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